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The TGN Fanfiction Thread
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The Kaiser
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2007 11:18 pm  Reply with quote

First off, Crzy Grl, I haven't said much about your fic before, but I have been reading it, and this;
and Kaiser was deemed mentally unwell.

This made me laugh. In context, of course. =3) Looking forward to more of that story.

Chapter Ten

"So, it's come to this?"

King Cidgregor waited for an answer. For all his advisors cared, he could wait all day. Talking about the situation in those terms didn't make it any less grim or avoidable. Finally, General Evil Bob decided to answer.

"Yes your lordship, it's come to this. General Amiagirl reports that she can do no more than hold the line against the Horde advance. If the Kid Flash/Jinx leaders had been a little more cooperative, there might have been more flexibility..."

"Yes yes, we all heard the reports of how they meddled with the defenses. We also heard how the leader sacked those idiots after they tried to reverse officer Skyhunter's tactical victory over the hordes in the Battle of the Plains." King Cidgregor thought it was funny, speaking about the battle less than a month old in those terms as if it was one of the great military victories of history that textbooks were written about. People were already trumpeting it as such, but it seemed... just a little too soon by his standards. Great tactical victories that failed to save the nation didn't end up getting remembered, anyway.

"Sir," Evil Bob continued, "we're on the twilight of our nation. The Noncas have declared full pull-out to their mountain ranges, and the Hordes are on the border of every nearest western nation. This plan may seem extreme, but it's the only one we've got."

"Diplomatic ventures are out of the question as well." Digi-Dragon chimed in. "Even in this sort of situation, the Beast Boy/Raven Kingdom's relation with us is too frosty for any joint military matters. We're better off just fortifying the Beast Boy River and holding there."

"I don't see the problem with it, if you don't mind me, your majesty." This was Chaltab, who was looking over the plan's document as he spoke. "We're not abandoning any territory to the Hordes, we're still keeping open contact with other nations, and we're still supporting the Kid Flash/Jinx nation militarily. I don't even see how this is a 'last resort' type of plan."

"The first resorts were military alliances and intervention, to stop the Hordes before they got this far," King Cidgregor pointed out, before continuing. "Those failed. The reason why this plan is considered a last resort is because if it fails, there is little we can do to win afterwards. You know the geography of the Commonwealth. Except for the Beast Boy River as our border, it is almost entirely flat. The main reason we nearly lost the Changing War was because of that. The Beast Boy/Raven Kingdom got past our first and only line of defense, and if it wasn't for some blunders on their side of generalship, we very well would have lost."

A silence took grip in the room. For the leader of the Commonwealth to speak of the nation's fate like that... past possible fate even, was unthinkable. King Cidgregor rolled on though, using the shock for more effect on Chaltab.

"Our first line of defense now was the Canon alliances fighting the preliminary stages of invasion. As I said, those failed, or at least were unable to prevent the Hordes from moving forward. They at least kept the two smaller nations in the fight. Now, the Hordes are nearing our final defense. If they cross over the river in sufficient number, then all we can hope on stopping them is city-fighting, and I hope it does not come to that. The Hordes have shown little regard to capturing cities intact, if their treatment of the ANCSE capital was any indication." Pictures taken of the destruction of Mabtan still floated in the heads of all those present.

"Secondly, as if our military hinging on this river wasn't bad enough, the morale of our nation does as well. As King of the Commonwealth, the welfare and hope of our people has always been my first concern, and I have tried to husband it more than anything else. The Beast Boy River is to us as the Raven Lake is to the Raven nations. One of our biggest losses in the Changing War was the loss of the river, and nothing drove our military harder than the goal of regaining it. To lose that river would be to lose our connection to one of our most beloved figures, half of our cause.

"We simply cannot afford to have this plan fail. that is why it is a last-resort plan, because something else cannot be used in case it doesn't hold. Our nation's survival hinges on it."

Silence again took hold over the assembled personnel. Then,

Chaltab pushed out his chair and knelt on one knee towards Cidgregor. "Your majesty," he said, "on my life the plan will not fail. I will personally be aboard our flagship, and will fight to the bitter end if I must to see it succeed. All my men will as well."

"I know your navy will, as they always have. Same as the army." With that comment, he gave knowing glances to the land generals at the table. They too got down and knelt before him.

"For the Commonwealth." Digi-Dragon muttered. All of the people gathered in the room said the same.



"So, we're doing maneuvers?" Toboe Lonewolf asked. Commander Sphere nodded, watching out of the cupola of his Mobile Command Base. Right now the majority of his armored assets were performing a full charge against an equally-sized motley crew of tanks, cavalry, and infantry of all kinds. Pretty accurate to the enemy they were practicing for, Sphere had to give the Javens credit for that. Toboe added another thought, when her Commander said nothing more.

"I'm still surprised we're actually going to be part of a plan here, considering how The Kaiser's meeting nearly went to nothing just a week or two ago."

"Yeah, just a body double of old Rasta though that got banned. Kind of interesting how he brought the warlords back into line. Took what, two days?"

"Yep. He's got a forceful personality."

"Definitely. Almost thought he was going to crash the meeting and all, but it went smoothly as it could, for a bunch of neutral-at-best nations meeting to discuss joint-military agreements."

"Well, The Kaiser and Nightlark have always been pretty nice to each other, since they've got the Bavens between them. And the Red X/Raven nation looks for friends wherever it can find them."

"True," Commander Sphere said. "Cavens were still the wild card, but they worked out nicely. Always good to have some fanatics on your side."

"I thought The Kaiser's boys were the fanatics?" Toboe asked.

"They're more crazy-well trained with a sprinkling of fanaticism. Cavens though are semi-trained with a whole dosing of fanaticism. Like the salt shaker lid just fell off while they were being sprinkled with it."

"That's one way of looking at it." Toboe replied. After saying that she reached for her headset and listened in on a report. She turned back to Sphere. "More 'horde hussars' coming from the north. Jeraven troops to slam into them."

"Good, we can watch someone else expend some blanks."

And so they did. The one good thing about practicing in the Jeraven Kingdom was practically every citizen over 18 had a few years in the service. This meant the Jeraven army proper could actually practice without having to be split up, as reservists could be used as the opposing side. Even as Sphere thought of this the two sides slammed into each other. Jeraven infantry disembarked from the top of tanks and started firing at cavalry and opposing ground-pounders while the tanks focused on enemy armor. The lower-case blanks blew up in a puff of smoke on contact with the enemy, and "banned" fighters simply stayed where they'd been hit. The tactics drummed up during the meeting seemed to working out; in a few minutes the Jeraven army was moving forward to fight some more of the hordes.

"You really think the hordes'll be this easy to beat?" Toboe asked her commander. Sphere rubbed his chin, and then turned and spit the meme he'd been chewing on.

"Possible. Hordes haven't changed tactics during their charge through the ANCSE, don't see why they would now."

"They'll be more ferocious than any of the allied troopers can be, that's for certain."

To that, Sphere had no answer. He got another wad of meme, started chewing on it, and ordered his company forward.

*Tilts head* Story seems to be winding down, and my original intentions on nations and their historical-counterparts have been all tramped through the mud. Anyways, hope you enjoyed.

EDIT:OOH, I made top of page 20!

Ken Levine Fan Club wrote:

actually this thread is much more well behaved than usual, I'm genuinely impressed that after 4 pages I only have 7 such comments that apply to the "marxist revolutionary by day, provincial bigot by night" stereotype"
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