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The Official TT Fancharacters Thread
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Author Message
Jump City Citizen

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PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2009 8:20 pm  Reply with quote

Here is my character Ragen!
Name: Ragen
Real Name: Ragena Roth (Rae-jen-a not Rae-jeen-a!)
Powers: Flying, Telekinesis and shooting painful red blasts( when she gets angry.)
Personality: Like Raven's personality, except a tiny bit more outgoing.
Siblings: Raven
Backstory: Raven and Ragen were sisters. They played together as young children and Raven always told Ragen about any secrets. Nevertheless, Raven and Ragen grew up very close.
One day, as they were playing a game of ball, a gust of wind swept Raven away! Ragen was horrified, but she knew there was no way she could bring Raven back. She would have to spend the rest of her life without her.
When Raven turned 16, Azarath was reduced to ashes. Luckily, Ragen was able to escape. Knowing that Trigon would chase after her, she set off, and with the help of a compass(don't mind me!)found Raven. She aided the Titans in the battle against Trigon and became a Titan.
Type: Titan
Age: 15
Species: Azarathian
How she uses her powers: She gets angry. The anger seeps into her body and goes out as red blasts.
Quotes:' Anger fuels me. It is my energy. Without it, I am nothing'.Ragen,15
'Raven?Do you want to play ball?' Ragen. 6
Clothes: Same as Ravens, but red.
Appearance: Has a purple chakra on her forehead.Eyes are azure blue. Skin is light gray.
Hope you like her! Oh, and I didn't put a picture up because I can't draw to save my life.

Teen Titans,YOU RULE!!!
I am a Terra disliker, not hater.
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Jump City Citizen

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 23, 2009 3:34 am  Reply with quote


Real Name: Riley Hanson

Age: 14

Height: 5'3

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde with Bangs

Race/Species: Caucasian Human

Alignment: Good/Superhero

Appearance: Red violet/dark red violet/orange long-sleeved shirt with a red violet circle with a capital M for Moleculi, orange/dark red violet/red violet pants, and orange shoes

Accent: American

Powers/Abilities: Moleculi's main power is that he can shrink down to the size of a molecule at will. He can also shoot red violet energy balls, and can teleport. He is also very flexible and knows martial arts.

Personality: Moleculi is easy-going, carefree, and helpful. He has a wide knowledge of algebra, anatomy, and biology, and can be very smart.

Bio: Moleculi was a normal middle-schooler who was sent to a team of scientists as a test for an experiment to give a human a temporary potion to make him molecular-sized to fight against germs and bacteria capable of starting viruses. He went into the experiment, drank the potion, and was shrunken down, but something went wrong when a bolt of lightning struck the experiment site and solidified the formula substance into his blood. He was now given the permanent power to shrink to molecular size and was also given energy attacks from the plasma in the formula. From this, Moleculi now gives his life to fighting against evil threats and people.

Interests: Moleculi is very smart in math, especially algebra, and likes to learn anatomy and biology. He also likes to draw and learn martial arts styles.[/img]

I'm just a normal guy who is humble, calm, and well-being.
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 23, 2009 9:44 am  Reply with quote

I gave Thunder and Lightning spirit beasts like in Yu Yu Hakusho

Thunder's Beast:

Name: Boomer

Age: 15

Eyes: Blue

Fur: Dark blue

Appearance: a dark blue bear with bracelets on each limb with tiny wings on them (no he can't fly)

Species: Spirit Beast

Alignment: Hero

Powers: Same as Thunder

Personality: Caring, accepting, likes to roll around and have fun, likes to tease Sparky, wild and hyper, but not as hyper as Sparky.

Lightning's Beast:

Name: Sparky

Age: 15

Eyes: Blue

Fur: yellow

Appearance: yellow ferret/weasel

Species: Spirit Beast

Alignment: Hero

Powers: Same as Lightning

Personality: Hyper, wild, crazy, probably a bit of ADHD in there somewhere, loves to have fun, really his personality fluxuates strongly. Extremely friendly and funny.

This is my deviantart account, it has more than just TT if you're interested
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 23, 2009 10:10 am  Reply with quote


Real Name:Logan Dillion




Alignment:Superhero/teen titan

Appearance:has beast boys uniform just instead of being purple its light blue and he wears a beachy/surfer necklace

Powers:Wavelengths powers include water power and the ability to throw it at people from his hands,superspeed swimming,he travels on a hover board that looks like a surfboard,he can communicate with sea creatures and breath under water (he basically has the same powers as aqualad but he likes clam strips)

Personality:Hes poular with all the titans and his room is connected with BBs because there really good friends and they are alike hes funny,athletic,mello,and he likes terra.

History:Logan was a normal kid he enjoyed water and surfing one day while deep sea fishing his boat wrecked and his parents were lost at sea the chemicals spilled from the boat gave him the abilitis he has and hesoke with the dolphins and they took him home

Interests:he likes to draw watch tv play sports with the other titans,swim,play guitar,listen to music,go with kid flash and speedy to pick up random girls.

Weaknesses:he can be angered easily,like beast boy he
doesnt want to lose those close to him,he has a hard time trusting people.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 18, 2010 6:50 pm  Reply with quote

Name: Link

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Race: Human (Hylian)

Height: 5' 11"

Alignment: Hero/Teen Titan

Where Is The Character From?: Titans Tower

Weapons: Hero's Sword, Hylian Shield, Bow and Arrows, and a Hookshot (a kind of grappling hook).

Powers: masterful swordsman skills, mastery of weapons, and aura manipulating powers.

History: Link was born in Lanayru Town, a little-known villiage in northern California. Both of his parents died when he was one year old, so he was taken in by a master swordsman. Link was taught the art of swordplay, and on his thirteenth birthday, his training was complete. But that was also the day that his home was attacked by Slade, who came to take Link. He killed Link's mentor after he refused to give the boy to him.

Afterwards, Link flees to the freshwater spring on the outskirts of his hometown. When he got there, Slade attacked him, but then Lanayru, the Light Spirit who lived in the spring, saved Link, and then revealed Link's destiny. As it turned out, Link was the legendary Hero of Time, and was destined to save the world from great evil. Lanayru then told Link to travel west to deliver a sacred ring to a person that was chosen by the spirits.

When Link arrived at a coastal city, he met an alien girl that had crashed on Earth. The girl's name later turns out to be Starfire, and after Link tries to communicate with her, the other future Teen Titans attempt to attack Starfire. After a series of events. They all become friends. This is a first for Link, because back in Lanayru Town, he had no friends at all. After recieving a communicator and delivering the ring to Starfire, Lanayru calls Link back to his spring. Link is reluctant to go, but has no choice.

On the way, Link has a nasty fall and his communicator breaks. He wants to go get it fixed but knows he cannot turn back now. Upon returning to Lanayru's spring, he points out the Jewel of Light that formed when Link caught one of Starfire's starbolts during the fight. Lanayru then orders Link to travel the world and seek the other three Light Spirits. Link is reluctant at first, but Lanayru assures that him that he will see his friends again.

Three years passed, and Link finally returned to see his old friends. At first, they don't recognize him, but after a few moments, they realize that they are looking at an old friend. Back at the tower, Link has his communicator fixed, and is eventually welcomed onto the team.

The first time Link participates in combat practice, he does exceptionally well; almost breaking the course record. Also, to the others suprise, Raven, who normally has a hard time trusting new friends, seems to trust Link just fine.

Link is determined to be as much help to the team as possible, and hopes to get along with all of his friends. Unbeknownst to them however is that Link may not be all he appears to be. To make matters worse, Slade is still after him, for reasons unknown.

Personailty: Link is normally a very kind-hearted person who tries to avoid conflict whenever possible. However, when the ones he loves are in danger, he fights to the best of his abilities. Link also has a big crush on Starfire, most likely because of her kind-heartedness. When Link sees Starfire kiss Robin, he becomes broken-hearted and depressed, and with "help" from Slade, a darker side of Link emerges. As Dark Link, he tries to eliminate the Titans, but mainly goes after Starfire. He is returned to normal after Starfire plays a special song on Link's ocarina, which purges the darkness in Link's heart. Link can also be a bit naive at times, due to him having been born in a town that was cut off from the rest of the country.

Side: Good (after a heart-break, he turns evil, but is reverted back to good by the Titans)

Appearance: Wears a green tunic with a long floppy cap. Also wears brown boots and guantlets. Carries a shield and a sword in a scabbard on his back. His belt has pockets which he can carry some of his weapons in. He has semi-long dirty blonde hair, and vibrant blue eyes, which glow with blue light when he uses his aura powers.

Strengths: His aura powers allow him to power up his sword and predict his opponent's movements. He is an excellent swordsman, and a superb marksman.

Weakness: Can be a bit too nice, and isn't very good with hand-to-hand combat. Also, is easily heart-broken.

Friends: Starfire (best friend), Raven, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Robin.

Mother - deceased
Father - deceased

Interests: Likes to hang out with his friends (especially Starfire), explore the tower and the city, read and write, play video games occasionally, and battle the forces of evil.

My name is Link. I'm a new member of the Teen Titans....well, sort of.

Did I mention Starfire is my best friend? Cause she is.

I wasn't able to put my picture under my name, so I put a picture of Starfire. Everyone loves Starfire! Or at least I do.

Last edited by Link on Sun Jan 02, 2011 5:53 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostPosted: Thu May 20, 2010 3:07 pm  Reply with quote

Alright, let's see if my half-year work as RP'er paid off.

Name: Thomas

Aliases: Samoht, Pinhead

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Race: Half-Demon

Height: 1.76 meters

Alignment:Honorary Titan, former Soulrider member

Appearance: Thomas wears a black shirt and red pants. He wears black boots, and he has various pins inserted into his head. His 4 chakras are obscured by his clothing, except for the one on his throat.

Origin: Hell

Current base of operations: Prague

Weapons: His claws and his numerous pins and needles.

Powers: Thomas uses the elemental powers(fire, wind, earth and water)of his chakras to his advantage, although he can only use one chakra at the time.

His powers are also bound to a time limit; if he uses one chakra for more then 5 minutes, then his corresponding body part becomes numb and the chakra deactivates immediately, forcing him to use another chakra or fight on his own.

If he concentrates hard enough, his powers manifest themselves as the spirits of his dead teammates. However, if he doesn't keep control of his powers during that state then his powers only cause more destruction then they already do.

His pins and needles enable to find the fears of people so Thomas could eat his victim's fears like people eat breakfast . That is necessary, since he dies if he doesn't feed himself for a week. This is either done by inserting one of his pins into someone's head, or kissing them on their lips while they're asleep.

Backstory: Thomas grew up in Hell, where he sucked the fears away from the doomed souls that tumbled down. He trained himself to use the pins in his head for more then that purpose, so if he was unleashed upon earth he didn't have to worry about being weak.

However, that plan was not even thought off or a group who named themselves the "Soulriders" came down from Heaven to collect misjudged souls and sent them to Heaven.

The group was made up by Fira( a fire mage who has a nasty temper), Oca( a water mage who weeps tears of blood), Geo(an earth mage with a blindfold over his eyes) and Oritheya( a wind mage who created tornados just by twirling around her axis).

While the other demons ran away from these people, Thomas didn't run. Instead, he tried to attack those intruders, but he was easily beaten. They admired his courage for trying though, and he was taken in by the group. Thomas was 14 by the time that happened.

Skip ahead a few years. The group never was so close , especially Thomas and Oritheya. However, every good thing comes to an end. Fira died in an exploding warehouse, Oca sacrificed himself to protect the team of a tidal wave, Geo got thrown in a ravine, and Oritheya got ripped apart from the inside out by a tentacle monster.

Every time one member died, Thomas absorbed the essence of that member and their powers in one of his chakras. He forced himself to learn their powers, so that he could depend on his "team" whenever he wanted.

Thomas had a prophecy; to destroy entire countries by using the "forces of nature", and it certainly didn't fell onto deaf ears. By the time the Teen Titans subdued him, he destroyed half of Belgium. However, they didn't turn him over to the authorities.

Instead, he got to learn to control his powers better as a Teen Titan. Although he left after a few months, he knew that if he was needed, they would give him a call.

Personality: Thomas may look scary, but he is a very caring individual once you know him. He absolutely loves to knit sweaters and shawls although the colors he uses are usually crimson or black.
He hates to be disturbed while he is feeding off people or when he has to go on a mission while he nearly finished his newest creation. His sick taste in humor is often not appreciated by the Teen Titans(especially when they are eating), but he always know how to make people laugh whenever they seem to be in trouble.
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Max 7

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2011 6:52 pm  Reply with quote

Okay. i have OC'S too. BUT here's what I'm gonna do. I'll show you a picture of them, and you tell me which one(s) you would like a bio about. M'Kay?
HI! I'm Pepperfan1, but you can call me Pepper. I didn't not make the icon, i found it on Google. My favorite titan is Jericho. Like everyone else here, i love Teen Titans. I also try to read the comics. Bye! Maybe I'll see you later!
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2011 5:29 pm  Reply with quote

Those who are most misunderstood, are most understood by me.
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Max 7

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 10, 2011 4:18 pm  Reply with quote

REAL NAME: Jordan Abigail White


AGE: 13

GENDER: Female

RACE: Human


ALIGNMENT:Officially a hero, but has committed MANY crimes



POWERS: Eyes can change to any color, 1/4 vampire

PETS:a Giraffe, a baby Octopus, and a Dragon

APPEARANCE: A black leotard, black boots, orange tracking device/teleportation device on wrist, red eyes, long brown hair

PERSONALITY: A complete jerk, rarely cares about anyone other than herself, has a soft spot for little kids (and Jericho)

HISTORY: Her parents died at age 3, her little sister barely 1 month old, she ran away from home, with her little sister. A couple weeks later, she began following a 6-year-old Jericho. By age 8, it became full-fledged stalking. She had to get (and still has) 3 jobs to take care of her little sister, who is extremely mentally challenged. Because of this, she doesn't like or trust anybody, except for Jericho- who befriended her when she was 9-, and her friends. (A.K.A my other OC'S)

CRUSHES: She already had a girlfriend before she joined the titans.

WEAKNESS: Can't hurt anyone under 13.

There you have it, Jordan. Any others? Very Happy

HI! I'm Pepperfan1, but you can call me Pepper. I didn't not make the icon, i found it on Google. My favorite titan is Jericho. Like everyone else here, i love Teen Titans. I also try to read the comics. Bye! Maybe I'll see you later!
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 15, 2011 6:37 pm  Reply with quote

Um...any other dark OC's you got?
Those who are most misunderstood, are most understood by me.
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Max 7

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2011 8:35 pm  Reply with quote

Okay, i didn't draw this character, but she is quite dark too:
i have Jordan's ARCH NEMESIS for you.

Name: Mellisa Daisy Johnson

Age: 15

Hair: Long, blond and very shinny (she keeps it down for fighting)

Eyes: Yellow

Alliance(hero or villain): Villain


Costume: Hair down with black cat ears, A black turtle neck with the sleeves cut off, A black skirt with a belt made of kit-kats, a black cat tail, and black 2 inch sandals.

Powers: Claws for ripping and tearing(her fingernails sharpened and painted red) , Sharp teeth for biting, and can easily seduce any male

Personality: Is usually perky and seducive(sp?), but can be mean when she wants to be. she also likes to laugh at people.

History: With her parents divorce at age 2, she was forced to pick a parent. Not sure what to do, she chose her mom. She grew up to regret that. She was emotional abused by her mother, saying how she was ugly and horrid, no matter what she did. Her mother's name was Monica, so she grew up hating the name. When her mother found out Mellisa was telling her father all this during her weekends with him, she went to court and ended up getting full custody of Mellisa. At age 11, her father finally got help and moved Mellisa out to her cousin's house is Wisconsin. That's when she met Jordan, the girl dating her cousin. She immediately hated her. Even though she was away from her mother, she was still mocked at school. She was called everything from "Ugly" to "Vixen" because she was the most attractive girl at her school. One day, when she was repeatedly called "Fat" over and over again, she tried to kill herself in an alleyway by giving herself a concussion. It didn't work. The last thing she saw before blacking out was a black cat holding an empty Kit-Kat wrapper in it's mouth. She woke up in the hospital, learning she successfully gave herself a concussion. She heard the doctors telling someone that she should be sent to an insane asylum, but she didn't care. She knew what she was going to do. She was going to become a cat and only eat Kit-Kats for the rest of her life. When she got out of the hospital, she began practicing to become a cat. She sharpened her nails and teeth, and learned to always land on her feet. Because she only ate Kit-Kats, she became malnourished, but her body got used to it. She also became suddenly interested in eyes. With her new "Claws", she tried to rip out the most interesting eyes she knew: Jordan's. She failed every time she tried. After the sixth time she failed, she vowed to some day defeat Jordan. She also realized with her amazing body, she could get things she needed to survive from guys, which is how she survived this long.

Quirks: Chews her nails, Gets mad when she hears the name "Monica", and goes on a murdering rampage when someone calls her "Monica".

Other: Jordan is the only person that can defeat her.
Is this what you meant? Cause if not, i have other dark-ish OC'S (one's that i actually drew.)

HI! I'm Pepperfan1, but you can call me Pepper. I didn't not make the icon, i found it on Google. My favorite titan is Jericho. Like everyone else here, i love Teen Titans. I also try to read the comics. Bye! Maybe I'll see you later!
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Jump City Citizen

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2011 9:27 pm  Reply with quote

Nope that was good. I think the spelling you were looking for was seductive. I'd like to see your other dark OC's, you have an interesting way of bringing out the true nature of people and a great way of depicting their slight or major insane mental state.

I have a few OC's-but there not very good. I'm missing some of the character bio. But yours are good.

Those who are most misunderstood, are most understood by me.
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 30, 2011 12:46 am  Reply with quote

Why haven't I done this yet? *grin*

Allow me to introduce my favorite character to write with, Dove.


Name: Dove

Alias: The closest she has is Yonah (or Yonan), the Azarathean version of her name. {I have research to show that at least part of the Azarathean language is heavily influenced by Hebrew.} Her mother was the only person to have ever called her that, besides her dearest and only childhood friend, Srentha; it has become a name to incite emotion for her.

Age: Thus far between 14 and 16; it depends on which story.

Gender: Female.

Height: Somewhere between 5'2" and 5'4. I have no idea exactly how tall she is, but she's just a bit shorter than Raven but taller than Beast Boy.

Weight: At the moment, it just barely falls under 'less than healthy.' Usually she's on the slimmer/average side of the scale, but recent events have waned her appetite to almost nothing. Her build looks pretty immature until she's around 18, 19 years old.

Other details: Her hair is blond and her eyes look like a deep purple from a distance, but if she lets one look closely enough, they actually appear to be blue overshadowed by faint red - like viewing a blue wall through red-stained glass. (The dark, midnight blue comes from her mother's eyes, and it's "corrupted" by the red of her father's.)
Her dress is highly customized and hard to describe; I'd recommend looking at the outfit reference I drew up.

Alignment: She generally avoids frays, conflicts, and especially battles thanks to her blood-bred pacifism, but the thought of doing anything evil disgusts and horrifies her, and she's a hero for sure. (Though she thinks she has too weak of a heart to succeed, she will fight alongside the Titans with pride and compassion if something she cares for is at stake. And she definitely cares about innocent people who could otherwise be hurt. When she's dedicated, she can be one of the most passionate members on the team. Unfortunately the momentum of her confidence is also easy to break; she has unsteady self-esteem that leads her to question herself and her decisions for a few years. She grows out of it, don't worry.)

Powers: The only ability she has efficient control over is her telepathy; she can read minds, send her thoughts to another's mind, combine those for mental conversation, and read memories. She's also been able to manipulate perception from the inside, but she has only ever used that ability once, when in the thralls of her darkest side, and she avoids it whenever possible. She has empathic abilities (though far weaker than Raven's), poorly controlled telekinesis and levitation, and the ability to project astral energies - she's best at random streams and they're more often manifested when she loses control over herself. She also harbors an as-of-yet untapped potential for magic, and a completely uncontrollable precognitive ability. She once partially projected her soul-self, but it was a move taken purely out of absolute desperation, and so far she is completely unable to repeat the motion.

Bio: There's a lot to Dove's story, but the condensed version goes something like this: Dove's ancestors had lived on Azarath for scores of generations. Eventually Magena, Dove's grandmother, gave the Azaratheans no choice but to banish her for resisting tradition and threatening their so-upkept peace. She left for Earth, already carrying her husband's child. It was there that Alerina [Dove's mother] was born, and Magena raised her in the isolation of an uncharted island somewhere in the Pacific. Alerina grew into a hopeless romantic, and when she was given the chance for romance, she eagerly took it: Trigon appeared on the island disguised as a young man, with his ego stoked by the success of Raven's birth, and Alerina fell prey to his manipulations and was soon betrayed by her own instincts; Dove was conceived and the truth was revealed. Magena had heard her scream and managed to spare Alerina the horrors that befell Arella during and after Raven's conception, but she didn't have any way to save Alerina from the pregnancy. And Alerina had wanted a child so badly, she refused to end its life. Skipping through long nights of pain, scrying, and debate, Magena eventually sent Alerina back to Azarath, and when Trigon tried to follow her, Magena intercepted him in the interdimensional pathway and lost her life to keep her daughter and unborn grandchild alive.

On Azarath, Alerina was embraced (though warily once she told them who her mother was), and she chose to live on the fringes of the Azarathean society; she was unable to hide her pregnancy for obvious reasons, but her mother's scrying had revealed to them the first moments of Raven's life, when the child had been taken from her mother, and Alerina refused to let them take her own child. When Dove was born, Alerina told everyone that it was a miscarriage, her claim complete with a falsified emotional breakdown - and so Dove's life was one shrouded in secrecy and lies from the very beginning.

Her mother was constantly casting spells of protection and discreet manipulation to keep Dove from being discovered; Alerina had inherited her mother's aptitude for magic and it was innate as instinct. Dove, however, grew up with no kind of training, and thus her abilities often flew wildly out of control. The only "training" Alerina could offer her was the meager pieces of advice she had seen or heard about Raven's training. (Raven's existence and training was no secret in Azarath.) Alerina refused to let anyone else see her daughter, knowing that as soon as she was discovered, Dove would be taken away to live with Azar, and over the years it became painfully clear that she could never let that happen; Dove was denied most human interaction as a result, but Raven was denied all emotion, even denied the touch of her own mother's love. Yet she was also an object of terror and abhorred across Azarath. And Alerina couldn't bear to see that happen to her own child.

Eventually Dove's presence would catch the attention of another child her age - but that story is a bit long and complicated... To shorten and summarize, he coaxed her out of hiding and reassured her, they played and wallowed in the company with joy and gratitude - both children lived lonely lives; Dove lived in near-solitude and the other was a priority student in the magics of Azarath, so most of his interaction was with spell-scrolls and private tutors - and they would often meet in secret overnight, since Dove herself was a secret and though her friend was trustworthy, Dove didn't want her mother to fear any more than she already would.

His name was Srentha; I'll have a bio for him posted soon enough.

Dove was about 14 years old when the vision came. The usual oblivion of meditation was interrupted by flying images, of fire, and death, and Earth, and searing pains and horrors unimaginable - a psychic snapshot of what feeling the death of Azarath would be if she stayed to suffer through.

Once the visions let her free, Dove - terrified, breathless, and shaken to the depths of her soul - couldn't stay to feel that, and couldn't bear what would happen if Trigon came when the shields were down - and discovered her existence. She didn't want him to take her.

She packed, clung to her mother in their final embrace of farewell, and headed for the Dimensional Doorway, following her mother's instructions to travel and using her instincts to choose which path to follow.

Raven would live. That much was foretold. But Dove wasn't even meant to exist; her only guide could be the faintest images she had caught in the vision, chilling yet somehow promising...

She ended up on Earth.

{{ I'm not quite clear about what happens while Dove is on Earth and The End of the World happens; but because in the comics, there were TWO "rings of Azar" (Raven wears two and both were used in the Terror of Trigon story ), and we only see what happens to one in the show, I think it's possible that the other Ring might have been a family heirloom, maybe something Dove's mother had advised her to take on her journey. Magena was highly skilled and pretty close to Azar while on Azarath... }}

For six months she wandered, desperately homesick, afraid, and more lost than anything... Trying to survive, and all the while trying to control her growing abilities, and avoid interaction with others; the balance was nearly impossible. And by the time she finds the Titans, after those long six months, she's near starved and far from healthy.

{{ My fanfictions begin upon Dove's arrival. }}

And since I doubt anyone would read those (and I'm a bit embarrassed of my oldest stories, anyways), I'll summarize her life in Titans' Tower: Raven has taken the responsibility of training her, Dove is still getting used to that (Raven wasn't exactly thrilled at the thought either), and the details vary from stage to stage. Nightmares, loss of control, and the occasional tension have all happened - along with relief, resolution, and the occasional shock.


And because it's so integral to any character's development, I think it's only right to add a short "Personality" section:
In summary, Dove is timid, shy, and hesitant most of the time, but once her passion gets going, she'll persevere with a quiet sort of dedication all the way to the death, and though her lifelong isolation crippled her socially, she tries her hardest to not be afraid. She's nervous, but friendly.

Once she's at ease around someone, though, she's calm and soft spoken, and her words can be powerful in the right situation. She's also susceptible to sympathy and guilt; she has empathic abilities similar to Raven, but only receptive (that means she can't manipulate emotions or seek out fears as Raven might), and she never learned how to build shields against it. (So she's easily overwhelmed; when that happens, her response is usually to flee. As a teen, she'll usually ask for Raven to help calm her down, but once she's older she can handle that herself and doesn't need to rely on Raven's guidance.)

After the current fanfic, she discovers how desperately she wants to protect people and how horrible the thought of HURTING people really is... she learns how much she wants to protect people (and atone for what happens in the story), and she begins showing that, anxious as she is, she has the mettle to fight against her own fears and do what she can to help the people in need.

As she grows, Dove shows great capacity for self-sacrifice and bravery, though she'd blush lightly and deny it - with a small smile.


Dove started out as a Mary-Sue to the greatest extent, but over the five or six years she's been known to me, I've grown to understand her so well, I could write a diary entry for her every single day and hardly have to think about it. I'm proud of how far I've come in writing and roleplaying her; and even now there's always something new to discover about her... and anyone who knows me on deviantArt knows that I have a mild addiction to choosing her in OC memes. XD

If you're interested, here's one of those memes; you really get a feel for her current state of mind through this. (It starts out with an introduction written by myself, but once the meme starts the replies are entirely Dove's. I add small-font notes every once in awhile but that is the farthest extent of my involvement.)

(I have at least two more characters I can add to this thread; this is enough character chronicling for a time, though. Excuse my thoroughness and elaboration. ^^; )

Long live the Black Phoenix of Azarath!

My fanfics:

"I am Azar's light and Trigon's darkness, bound together in Arella's humanity. And that means that I have a choice!" ~The Abyss Gazes Also by MasterGandalf
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