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blackbird's Totally Random writing stuff
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Jump City Citizen

Joined: 08 Jul 2008
Posts: 400
Location: In my cardboard box, writing stuff.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 13, 2010 9:51 am    Reply with quote

Suuuup. Haven't been here in a while Razz Thought maybe I could put up some stuff I've written here, and maybe someone would read them.

A warning though: Most of this stuff is based on a roleplay I'm in, so it might be slightly confusing. Don't hate me >_<

Alright, to start off, I will share a poem.

Stars(based off the RP)

Staring up at the stars,
Shooting across the sky.
I feel his arm wrap around my shoulders,
And hear him whisper:
"Make a wish."

But I make one stupid choice,
And I lose everything.
My shoulders are cold at night,
And I miss his voice whispering in my ear.
I miss everything I had.

So now I stare up at the stars,
Waiting for that shooting star.
Waiting for it to dance across the sky,
So he can wrap his arms around me,
And I can feel his breathe tickle my ear,
As he whispers:
"Make a wish."

The end. :3

NEXT I have a short story to share. It's kinda long.

Running(To know what a Dragala looks like, click this: )

Another day, another excruciating hour of sword practice, magic training and 'hunting'. The sword practice I don't mind, but the hunting bit... I just hate it. It's so... wrong.

Alright, so you're probably wondering why I think hunting is wrong. Yes, people need food to eat and whatnot, but my family does a different kind of hunting... You see, I'm a Dragala. And my race tends to think they're better than everyone, and therefore, think everyone else should do as they say.

It's either that or my family goes off and kills all who disagree. And that's pretty much everyone. Including me. It's not even safe for me to be around my family. I have to act like I approve of all this horrible crap, killing elves and dwarfs and those poor humans... It's just sick. But I can't do anything about it. I'm only 12, I can't do much right now. I'm waiting until they teach me more in sword fighting and magic so I can at least stand a chance on my own. Y'see, I have a plan. Once I'm just a little bit older, I'm gonna run away. Far, far away, so I don't have to deal with this sick race of mine. Always killing, always unnecessary bloodshed... I hate it.

So I'm gonna run away.

God I hope I survive.


It's my first day hunting alone. My parents believe I'm ready for it, but god I just can't do it. They said if I don't bring something home they'll punish me. And the look they gave me says it's not gonna be an innocent time-out.

I'm gliding down, down, away from my little... I want to say 'village' but that's too innocent. I guess I'm just flying away from my temporary home til I run away. I'm thinking maybe I can just run away now, but there are others hunting and if I get caught they'll be on my tail and they'll probably kill me. So not yet.

Dangit, I've been flying for half an hour, my wings ache and I haven't found a single thing to hunt. I'm hoping to find a bunny or a squirrel so at least I brought something.

But oh god. Of course I have to come across a human.

The kid's-a male by the looks of it-eyes get all wide and he starts to scream. I don't know why, but I'm screaming as well, and I fly up into a tree, peeking out at him. He's looking up at me now, no longer screaming, just looking at me funny.
"Um... what are you doing?" he says. "I'm the one supposed to be scared here."
I lean out of the tree a little, looking closer at him. He seems the same age as me, though I can't be sure. Humans are so different from Dragala.
"I... um... I'm sorry?" I say, not really sure if it's the right response or not. He's making a face now, and his mouth is all crooked. I think he's smiling. And that makes me smile for some reason. And then he starts laughing and then we're both laughing and the next thing I know I'm flat on my back, staring up at the branch I used to be sitting on. My head starts aching and I can't feel my wings. The kid is looking down at me, and his mouth is moving but I can barely understand what he's saying. It's like I'm underwater or something. He reaches out to pick me up and sits me against a tree. My head starts aching more and I let out a moan. I can feel my wings a bit now but god I wish I couldn't. One of them is stinging like heck, and the other feels broken. I rub my head a bit and try to speak. "Whuh... happn'd..." I mumble. The kid's looking at me concerned and he looks back up at the stupid tree.
"You um, you were laughing and you slipped and fell. Are you okay?"
I shake my head, but instantly regret it because everything starts to go blurry and little black spots float around in front of my eyes and I feel like I'm gonna throw up.
"No..." I say, my voice slurred a bit. The boy puts his arm under my shoulders and lifts me up and I find myself blushing for some reason. He starts to carry me away from my home and down a path and I start to get nervous. If I don't get back in time, my family will worry, and they'll come after me. What do I do? "Um... kid," I say. "I really-"
"Zachary," the boy says. I look at him, confused.
"Excuse me?"
"Zachary. My name's Zachary." He gives me this really goofy smile and I laugh again.
"Well... thank you Zachary, but I really-"
"What's your name?" I'm starting to get really nervous now. The sun's going down and if I'm not back by sunset they'll definitely come for me. I bite my lip. Should I ditch the kid? He's been so kind to me, though... I don't see how I can. I don't see how anyone could be so mean to such a nice person. This makes me hate my race even more.
I decide on the spot what I'm gonna do.
"My name's Kira," I say, smiling gratefully at him. He gives me that smile again, and I get this weird feeling in my chest, like butterflies are fluttering around in my rib cages.
I think it's happiness.


Zachary takes me back to his house and hides me in the shed. "I don't want my mum to freak out," he says. I understand.
He comes back later with food and water and I swear, I've never tasted anything so delicious in my life. It's crispy on the outside, but soft and fluffy on the inside... and it's so warm.
"What is this stuff?" I ask. Zachary stares at me like I'm crazy.
"It's... bread," he says, as if it were totally obvious. "You've never had bread before?"
God, no. My race only eats what they catch, and it's so disgusting. As soon as I leave, I'm becoming a vegetarian.
"No," I say, shaking my head. I won't tell him why. "But it's delicious. How do you make it?" Zachary shrugs.
"Not really sure," he says. "But I love to watch my mum make it. She loves making bread. It smells so good in the kitchen all the time."
Kitchen? I wonder what that is, but the way he says it, like it's totally normal makes me decide not to ask. I don't want him staring at me like I'm nuts again.
"It must be wonderful," I say dreamily. "The smell of bread in your house all day long... I'd love to live like that." Zachary looks at me sadly.
"You mean you don't have bread where you live? Why not?"
Oh geez. Should've known he'd ask that. What should I say? I can't tell him the true reason, he'd be disgusted in me, and might even make me leave. No. I can't do that. I've gotta lie.
"Um... we don't, ah... have the... ingredients." It's a good enough lie, although I have no idea what ingredients are needed to make bread. Zachary frowns.
"I'm sorry," he says. I smile a bit and wave my hand in the air.
"It's alright," I say. "We've still got... erm... plenty to eat." Zachary smiles again, and I get that fluttery feeling again.
"Still... you shouldn't be deprived of freshly baked bread. Here." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out something wrapped in a cloth. He put it in my hands and looks into my eyes. "Keep it safe," he whispers. "I'm not supposed to take bread from the kitchen without asking. It's not much, but-"
"No," I say, staring at the wrapped cloth in my hands. "It's everything. You don't know how much... this means to me." I look up at him and he's looking at me all sad again. I blush and look away. "Um... thank you. So much." He smiles his goofy smile again.
"You're welcome."


Zachary and I start up the path again, towards my home. He says he'll go halfway, but then has to go back. Plus, he'll be safer that way.
As we walk, I ask him a lot of questions. Like what it's like living down here, making bread and 'farming'. He tells me everything and I want it all. I want a life like his. I want to be with Zachary. He's so kind, and funny... my heart aches at the thought of never seeing him again.

We reach the halfway point and he looks at me, smiling sadly. "Guess this is it, huh?" he says. I nod a bit, biting my lip. He gives me another look, something unfamiliar. He's kind of just staring at me, but... there's something else. Something more. I'm about to ask him what's up when he kisses me on the cheek. I blush hard and my eyes go wide. "What..." I start, and he takes my hand.
"I've never met someone like you before," he says. "You're so different... I like it." I have a feeling I know where this is going and I shake my head quickly.
"No," I say. "No, Zachary, it won't work, I can't-"
"I know." He looks down at the ground, all embarrassed. "But... we have now. Can't we just..." He looks up at me again, and he leans forward. I lean in as well, closing my eyes gently, but the kiss never comes. I open my eyes and stare into Zachary's. His eyes have gone wide and he's looking down at his stomach.
Oh my god.
An arrow sticks out from his stomach and blood pours down his shirt. I let out a scream as Zachary falls to the ground, dead.
Dead. Just like that. After all that, and he just... dies. I scream. "NO!! NO, ZACHARY!" I cry. I sob over his body, my shoulders shaking, when I hear a voice in the trees. I look up, and I swear, I'm going to be sick.
My father stands in a tree above me, holding an empty bow. He stares down at me, a disgusted look on his face.
"You are a disgrace," he says, scowling down at me. "All we ask is for you to go find a simple human to kill. But instead you fall in love with him."
"Of course I can, it's what we do." I want to kill him. I want to get revenge, I want to murder my own father.
"Humans are SCUM!" my father shouts. "They were put on this land for us to kill, and then to eat, that is how it works, Kira. You cannot fall in love with them. It is against the law for us to mingle with their kind and you know that."
"But father..." I'm sobbing again, and I just want to lay down and die. I want to be with Zachary again. I want to go where he is. "Father... I just... they're not bad, Father, they're smart, they... they create food using plants, Father." I pull out the cloth and show him the bread Zachary gave me. "See? They make this stuff called bread. It's delicious Father, please, just-"
"KIRA." I jump at the sound of his voice, and look up at him. His expression isn't angry any more. It's... sad. I frown and look down at the bread again, tears starting to fall once more. "Kira... I'm... sorry."
What?! Father never apologizes. Never. And for him to apologize for this-for killing a human-is just...
Voices. Up the hill, shouting, the clatter of weapons. My Father looks up the hill as well.
"Kira," he says. "Run."
Oh my god, who is this man, because he cannot be my father. He's telling me to run. Running from your punishment... it's forbidden. And the Dragalas coming are most likely planning to kill me.
"Father, what are you-"
"Listen Kira. The Dragalas, they're coming with weapons, and they're going to kill you. You have to run, go, far away, don't ever look back, don't hesitate, just run."
"But Father, I-"
"Kira, listen to me!" His voice has so much sadness in it, so much pain... I just don't understand. What is going on?! "Kira, just run. I don't want you to die. My only daughter... I couldn't bear it. Just know Kira..."
His next words bring me to tears.
"...I love you."
"Father..." The voices are getting louder now, I can hear their footsteps pounding on the earth. My father jumps down from the tree, picks me up onto my feet and pushes me ahead. "Run Kira, don't look back, never stop, just go." He puts a sword in my hands and shoves me forward. "GO!"


I run. I run, and run and I don't stop. Tears are racing down my cheeks and my chest burns, my lungs ache but I keep going. I can't stop. Father told me not to. And I can't disobey him.
The voices are gone now, but I can't risk a rest. I push past trees and leap over fallen branches and rocks and I just keep running-

And then I start falling.

It happens so suddenly I almost don't react. I unfold my wings and beat them in the air, desperate to get myself away from the earth that's hurtling towards me. I catch the wind and glide upwards, breathing heavily. What just happened?! I look up and see what. A cliff. I fell off a cliff. I wasn't paying attention, I could've died.

Not that it would be so bad, now that I think about it. No more Dragalas chasing me. No more running. No more pain.

Just me and Zachary.

But it's too late now. He's gone, and I'm safe. Well... not really. I've got my own family after me, trying to kill me. But that can't be helped.

It's who they are.

And I'm never gonna be like them.

That's why I can't stop.

I've just gotta keep running.

The end.

Rather long. Longest thing I've written for sure Very Happy

Now, to end my long post, a final poem. This is supposed to go with the Running story.

Remember Me

Don't cry for me.
Don't let tears stain your cheeks.
When you're feeling sorrow,
And you feel like you can never be happy again,
Just remember me.
Know that I'm in a better place,
And let that bring you comfort,
Not tears.
When it seems like everything around you is crashing down,
Just remember me.
Know that I am always watching over you,
And I will always be with you,
In your heart.
Remember me.

The end.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed my poems and story :3 To read more, or check out my art, visit my dA page:


My dA:

BBxRae and KixAer shipper Very Happy
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Jump City Citizen

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 13, 2010 10:10 am  Reply with quote

Blackie! Very Happy

I thought that your poems were very sweet. I especially love Remember Me.

I'll read your story later. I have to go and eat. XD

Team Edward? Nah.
Team Jacob? No way.
Team Rocket? HECK YEAH!!!!!
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Jump City Citizen

Joined: 08 Jul 2008
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Location: In my cardboard box, writing stuff.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 13, 2010 10:18 am  Reply with quote

Hey TT4Ever! Glad you like them(and actually READ them lol). Very Happy

My dA:

BBxRae and KixAer shipper Very Happy
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