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The Official TT Fancharacters Thread
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Jump City Citizen

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PostPosted: Sun May 13, 2007 6:40 pm  Reply with quote

Jack of All Trades - Very unique powers and it's nice to a see a French character, there's not many of them around

Princess Serena Risava - I like how the characters linked with both Atlantis and the Bermuda triangle, good choice of powers and its got a good background as well

Hyper K - Intresting character, seems a bit too overpowered and with a slightly confusing background but an intresting character overall

Napharak Trnorbane - The historys a little complex and confusing in places but I like how the character turned from being a ruthless powermad mage to the saviour of his entire world and how he defeated Trigon

Here's another two members of a team of villans I last updated about seven pages back in this thread

Name: Petrel

Real name: Raphael Raehen

Vendetta: Aqualad, Speedy

Nationality: American, from Steel city

Alignment: Evil

Affiliations: Tourniquet

Age: 17

Height: 6”0

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Skin: Caucasian, slightly tanned

Appearance: Wears an outfit similar to Hawks but is purple where his is white and black where his is red.

Powers: Raphael has to say the word ‘Petrel’ to turn into Petrel and say it again to turn back into Raphael, he also can’t turn back into Raphael if any wound he sustains as is Petrel would be fatal to Raphael. As Petrel he has super strength, enhanced reflexes (uses a more ground based fighting style than his sister) and the ability to not feel pain.

Name: Shrike

Real name: Regina Raehen

Vendetta: Bumblebee, Mas Y Menos

Nationality: American, from Steel city

Alignment: Evil

Affiliations: Tourniquet

Age: 16

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Skin: Caucasian, slightly tanned

Appearance: Wears an outfit similar to Doves but is purple where his is white and green where his is blue.

Powers: Regina has to say the word ‘Shrike’ to turn into Shrike and say it again to turn back into Regina. She also can’t turn back into Regina if any wound she sustains as Shrike would be fatal to Regina. As Shrike she has super strength, enhanced reflexes (she uses a more acrobatic fighting style than her brother) and the ability to not feel tired allowing her to fight for much longer than others can.

Background: The twisted Raehen siblings are the murderous double act of Tourniquet.
Regina and Raphael Raehen were born into the Raehen family, the most notorious and powerful crime family in all of Steel citys criminal underworld, which was led by their father Ramiel Raehen. They enjoyed a pampered upbringing and were used to living the high life when the Titans East first arrived in Steel city and took down Brother Blood. The Raehen crime family were the first major criminal force the Titans East took down in Steel city after they defeated Brother Blood and within several months of first encountering the Raehen mob, they had caused significant damage to their criminal activities and severely weakened their previously unshakable position as the undisputed rulers of Steel citys underworld. Finally, six months after first clashing with Titans East, Ramiel Raehen had had enough of them and set a plan in place to get rid of the Titans East. He assembled the remaining gang members who were still loyal to the Raehens and planted several canisters of very deadly nerve gas in the Titans East tower, set to go off later that day. What he didn’t know was that that evening the Titans East were holding a massive party with most of the teenage population of Steel city going to the tower. When the gas went off the Titans weren’t able to evacuate everyone in time and dozens of teenagers were killed and many more seriously wounded before Mas Y Menos could get them all out of the tower.
Afterwards, the Titans East swore not to rest until they took Ramiel Raehen down and launched an attack on the Raehen family compound. They battled through the remaining members of the Raehen gang members, forcing Ramiel to flee the compound and Steel city with his wife and children, breaking the Raehens hold on Steel city once and for all. They sought sanctuary at the house of an old associate and ally of Ramiels, Mandagora, who agreed to take them in while Ramiel plotted to reclaim his power in Steel city and destroy the Teen Titans East. Meanwhile they were busy, having left Steel city as well, tracking down Ramiel Raehen in order to make him pay for the things he’d done and killing all the teenagers at their tower. They joined up with Huntress enroute, who was hunting Mandagora. They finally tracked the Raehens and Mandagora to Mandagoras compound near Metropolis and launched their attack, battling through Mandagoras security with ease, forcing Mandagora to fight them himself. Ramiel and his wife (both being trained martial artists and accurate with a gun) joined Mandagora to fight the Titans off. As Raphael and Regina watched their parents fight the Titans East they both wished more than anything that they could help their parents fight the Titans. At the moment a mysterious voice spoke to them both in their heads, asking them if they really wanted to fight the Titans, they said they did and the mysterious voice said it would help them and gave them their powers, transforming them into Petrel and Shrike for the first time.
The two Raehen siblings attacked the Titans East, beating them back while Huntress raised her crossbow and aimed at Mandagora, intending to kill him. Mandagora saw her aiming at him and as she fired her weapon grabbed Ramiel and his wife, using them as a shield, Huntresses crossbow bolts struck Ramiel and his wife instead of Mandagora, killing them instantly. When Petrel and Shrike saw this they were distracted which allowed the Titans East to knock them both unconscious before turning to Huntress. They warned her never to come to Steel city and never come near them again, or they’d make sure she paid for killing the Raehens, Huntress herself left shortly afterwards, hunting Mandagora once again, who’d slipped away in the confusion.
Petrel and Shrike were taken to Arkham asylum in Gotham, the only place in the country that had the facilities to treat them. Almost as soon as they regained consciousness, they broke out of Arkham and went on a killing spree in the streets of Gotham, Batgirl was the first one to respond to the disturbance but soon found herself outmatched by petrel and Shrike, who beat her so badly her heart stopped beating, forcing Batman, who only then had arrived on the scene, to use an electric batarang to restart her heart instead of pursuing Petrel and Shrike. After they’d fled the scene Crow and Blood Sash appeared, offering them a chance to join Tourniquet and get their revenge against the Titans East (who they blamed for the death of their parents), which they gladly accepted.

Weaknesses: Both siblings are weakened by powerful energy attacks and dislike fighting anyone they know is stronger than them. Petrel is also very protective of Shrike, which can get in the way during a battle.

Personality(Petrel): Cruel, ruthless and very, very aggressive with an extremely short temper. He is very protective of his younger sister and even dislikes their team-mates in Tourniquet getting close to her

Personality(Shrike): Cruel, malicious, self centred and sadistic. She has also taken to impaling small creatures with sharp objects, like the bird that is her namesake. Even her teammates in Tourniquet are wary around her.

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Jump City Citizen

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PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2007 6:54 pm  Reply with quote

I Have twins

Names: Agony And Ecstacy

Real Names: (Agony)David and (Ecstacy) Chelsea "Pepper" Willaimson

Age: (both) 17

Height: (Agony) 6'1 (Ecstacy) 5'8

Eyes: (Both) Blue

Hair: (Both) Reddish-brown

Skin: Caucasian. Agony is slightly tan while his sister is slightly pale.

Coustume: Both wear Outfits similar to Secret's but with a Maroon overcoat and Periwinkle blue outfits. Agony's costume covers his mouth and Nose. Ecstacy always pulls her waist-lenght hair into a high ponytail, which gives it the tendency to flip around wildly while fighting, sometimes temporarily Blinding her or other people. Agony carries a big book of Magical spells while his sister carries a Giagntic staff resembling a sythe. Ecstacy usually wears silver stud earrings.

Powers: Both can fly, Cast spells, Project astral forms, temporarily paralize a person (Only works on feeble-minded opponents, it wears off within an hour) and teleport over short distances. Agony has the power to communicate with the dead while Ecstacy enter people's dreams. Thier "official" title is "The Phantom Protecters".

Weaknesses: seeing how Agony is all the time hearing voices in his head, they could overwhelm him. If the Person wakes up before Ecstacy has a chance to get out, she becomes trapped until the person falls asleep again. Both are Vunerable to other magic spells, and other attacks.

Personality: Talk about and Odd Couple! Agony is extremly introverted, while Ecstacy is extremely extroverted. Ecstacy is extremly outgoing and loud, while Agony is shy and quiet. Ecstacy 's mood can change within a few seconds, while Agony dosen't show his emotions. Ecstacy, though she is ... how should I put this... Hyperactive, she is not impulsive. Agony may be quiet and brooding, but he's not Antisocial. The only thing the two of them seem to have in common would be parents and the neverending battle of Good vs. Evil.

History: The Williamson twins were born on friday the 13th, to a family of coroners in a town notoruois for fearing all things dead. All thier lives they had been taught that the dead were to be respected, not feared, which often set them apart from thier supersticious peers. David learned to see the pain which comes from losing a loved one (When he was eight and his goldfish died), while Chelsea learned to see the Joy in knowing that "They're in a better place". When they were thirteen, they learned that a local cemetary was going to be plowed over to make room for a Parking garage, the twins fought long and hard to let the dead stay burried. Thier pleas went unheard by the Necrophobic townsfolk, and the dead bodied were dumped into the river. That night, the twins held a seance, to see if there was anything they could do to help the people thrown into the river. The only message was "Library, elevator shaft". Not knowing what else to do, the twins snuck into the elevator shaft at thier public library. They climbed all the way down to the bottom and found that there was a box. They opened the box to find that inside, was a Magic book, Magic staff, and a note simply saying "Use it well". The twins eagerly got to work, playing with thier new "toys". Once they had come as close to mastering them as one can in the course of a summer vacation, the Twins approached the townspeople once again about the parking garage matter. Once again the townsfolk turned away, but then the twins summoned the spirits of the dead to personally talk over the matter. The town eagerly complied. As thanks for restoring thier resting places, the spirits gave the twins the title "The Phantom Protecters".

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Jump City Citizen

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, 2007 9:42 pm  Reply with quote

FRENCHY: Frenchy is to France what Mad Mod is to England, a stereotype character who's simply too over-the-top to be offensive. Frenchy is a discerning and pretentious criminal who only steals rare and expensive cooking ingredients (vanilla extract, saffron, luak coffee, etc.).

Frenchy's primary weapons are a harder-than-titanium stale baguette and some exploding escargo.

Frenchy's super-power is an overwhelming French Charisma that can charm small groups of females into amorous allegiance.
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Jump City Citizen

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 6:23 pm  Reply with quote

She's not really a fancharacter, more like a re-disign of a comic-book Character who never got to appear in the TV show.

Name: Aquagirl

Real name: Tula (They don't have last names in Atlantis!)

Age: 15

Eyes: blue

Hair: brown, elbow-lenght, wavy

height: 5'2

skin: Olive

Costume: Yellow halter top, blue shorts, black boots. She keeps a knife in her back pocket, just in case.

Powers: She has most of the same powers as Aqualad, But she can't talk to fish. She can't swim as fast as he can due to the fact her hair creates drag. However, she rufuses to cut it. She is also quite good at throwing knives.

Weakneses: Distrust of land-dwellers. Aqualad constantly has to remind her that not all air-breathers are bad. She also is terribly afraid of heights.

Personality: Trained as a warrior since birth, she is actually quite calm. However, If provoked, it's hard to get her to calm down. Once she calms down, she usually passes out for a minute or two.

History: Years ago, Garth (Aqualad for those of you who don't know) and Tula were playmates. They were both adopted by Aquaman in his effort to establish peace between the city-states of Atlantis. Aqualad came from a very pacifist society, while Tula came from a war-like one. Dispite their upbringing, they became very close friends. Aquaman suggested that the two be married to solidify peace, but they rufused. However, as they grew older, they became closer, and the prospect of marriage didn't seem as silly. They agreed, however, they could not be married until Tula turned 21.

Civil war forced the two lovers to return to their homes and try to sort things out. Aqualad was unable to stop his home from being distroyed by Trident, so he vowed to hunt him down. Tula was no more succesful if stopping the chaos, but she managed to save bits and pieces of her city's herritage before the rebels distroyed everything. She returned to Posidonis to help Aquaman fight of the incoming rebels. After months of fighting, The last city in Atlantis was safe.

Tula lost contact with Aqualad for some months, but one day, she saw a strange blue ship heading for Posidonis. She though it was an enemy ship, so she persued it. Suddenly, she felt something grab her from behind, spin her around, to find that she was standing eye to eye with her long-lost friend.

Overjoyed to see her friend again, she helped them track down the remaining Trident clones, and accepted Aqualad's offer to join Titans East.

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Jump City Citizen

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, 2007 9:19 pm  Reply with quote

Name: Halt

Real Name: Sara Rees

Age: 16

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blond

Skin: Caucasian

Costume: Pony tail, Black mask, baby blue shirt with a red H in the middle, white belt with another red H in the middle, baggy red pants, black shoes, diamond earrings, and black gloves that are cut off at the fingers.

Team: Leader of three part team, Dream Heroes. Leader of many hero team, Together Heroes.

Power: Anything her fingers touch temporarily freezes and she can control the things she has frozen as long as it is frozen.

Past: Halt grew up her her hometown of Titus City in a parallel Earth. At age 10, she discovered her power. When she was 14, she stumbled upon her future teammates Glimmer and Shadaw. They formed the Dream Heroes and fought many villains.
The team later faced a powerful force that caused them to recruit many heroes and form the Together Heroes to succeed. After many more challenges, the team still has villains to fight.
But being a scientist, she was always inventing, and one of her inventions was a dimension tansporter. She used it, and landed in Jump City. She met and befriended the Titans and was given a communicator. She went back to Titus City, but kept in touch with the Titans and visits them often.

Weakness: Halt can get very obsessive and over determined in her target sometimes. She has also has regretted that her power does not last for a long time.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 24, 2007 10:05 am  Reply with quote

This is a character I originally made up for a Justice League Unlimited fic (Never Happened), then retooled for X-Men Evolution, then Teen Titans. Both fics didn’t go far, but I always thought the character was cool, if somewhat overpowered. The other characters haven’t been used yet.

Real Name: James Jennings

Code Name: Corona

Alignment: Hero

Age: 16

Hair: Short, Dark Brown

Eyes: Blue (Formerly Brown)

Skin: Causasian

Height: 5’9

Weight: 175lbs.

Costume: Black tights and long sleeves shirt with his emblem (A Ring with numerous spikes surrounding it) on the centre of his chest. Black gloves and boots with blue forearm and shin guards, a blue belt and black cowl with his emblem on the forehead. Lastly wears a black cape with blue lining and black shoulder guards with blue trimming.

Powers: Corona’s powers are a strange Light-Energy Hybrid that gives him numerous abilities.

Aura: He can summon a glowing blue aura about himself, giving him enhanced durability. He is bulletproof with his aura up, although he says .50 cal bullets ‘hurts like the dickens’. He does not need to breathe while his aura is up, allowing him to fly in outer space without special equipment. His aura can also be bypassed with a mirrored, sharp weapon, such as a polished sword.

Super Strength: While his aura is up he has enhanced strength (Enough to put him on par with Starfire and Cyborg), however he gains no additional strength if his aura is down.

Enhanced Vision: Has perfect vision (Considered beyond 20/20), telescopic vision (Eyes glow blue while in use) and night vision (Can see perfectly in the dark). He can also see invisible object and past holograms and other illusions.

Energy Blasts: Can fire glowing blue blasts from his hands. (As well as his feet and eyes, although doing so from his eyes makes his vision go spotty for awhile) These blasts are on par with Cyborg’s Sonic Cannon, however they reflect harmlessly off mirrored surfaces and pass through transparent objects.

Flight: Corona is capable of flight, but is noticeably slower than Starfire or Raven. He is much more agile however.

Light Based Telekinesis: Can envelope an object in a blue glow and move it at range. Can only lift up to thirty pounds with this power.

Absorption: Passively absorbs energy, often a miniscule amount. The exceptions are heat and light, both of which he absorbs with ease (Even the heat his body produces naturally). Because of this bright light will not blind him, and he cannot sweat (Since he absorbs all heat harmlessly he has no reason to sweat)

Immunities: While his aura is up he is unaffected by telepathy and telekinesis. In addition he’s immune to all temporal phenomenon. Anything that can decelerate, accelerate or pause the flow of time will not affect him. He is also unable to move forwards or backwards in time, even through use of magic or technology. Because of this all known prophecies (Such as Trigon’s) cannot take him into account, making what is certain uncertain. He is unaware of this ability.

Weaknesses: Corona has a very distinct weakness to the cold and cold-based attacks. He can deal with the winter chill well enough (Provided he is heavily bundled up) but cold slowly saps his power. If he is struck with a sudden decrease sharp of temperature (From say a cold ray) he can severally weakened to rendered unconscious and possibly death. He will not regain conscious until his body is warm enough. Also he readily absorbs plasma energy, but doing so interferers with his powers, making them fail randomly until he can dispel the energy (Often by cooling himself, although it is somewhat painful to do).

Skills: Karate (Below the level of Black Belt), Observation Skills, Leadership abilities, Moderate mechanic, skilled artist, photographic memory

Personally: Friendly and fast witted, Corona’s got a decent head on his shoulders. Prefers working alone, but can work with others. (And could join a team with proper convincing) Can be overprotective and stubborn (For both good and ill) but means well in the end. Although a bit laid back he knows when to get serious and sometimes displays a unique wisdom.

Bio: His father is the owner of a major company, Jennings Co., and his mother died in childbirth. Although his father has tried to steer him towards business he’s discovered a talent for art. Because of his father’s constant pressure and lack of presence in Corona’s social life the two are at constant odds. Despite this he maintains a bright personality. During a fair found a strange man selling a pendent for two dollars, which he bought on a whim. Later that night, as he slept the pendent vanished and he found himself glowing and floating over the city, his once brown eyes now blue. Shortly after he took up costume heroism for kicks, although as time went on he became more serious about it to the point of taking up Karate. Shortly afterwards he and his father moved to Jump City, as did Jennings Co.’s offices.


Real Name: Richard Jennings

Code Name: Lord Hydra

Alignment: Villain

Age: 42

Hair: Short, Black

Eyes: Green

Skin: Caucasian, Tanned

Height: 6’2

Weight: 212lbs.

Costume: Black form fitting pants with a green stripe on the sides. Sleeveless green chain mail top (Shaped like dragon scales), with steel shoulder guards and red sash about his waist. Wears brown leather gloves and boots with steel gauntlets and shin guards. Wears a helm that covers the face, shaped like a dragon’s face.

Powers: Lord Hydra has gained energy-based powers

Aura: Can raise a green aura about his body, which gives him superhuman durability. While it is up he is bulletproof, not even the largest calibre bullet bothers him.

Super Strength: While his aura is up he has enhanced strength. (Able to easily overpower Starfire or Cyborg)

Energy Blasts: Can fire glowing green blasts from his hands. (As well as his feet and eyes) These blasts are more powerful than Cyborg’s Sonic Cannon.

Flight: Lord Hydra can fly at the speed of sound.

Immunities: Lord Hydra is unaffected by heat or electricity. He is mostly unaffected by cold, he cannot tell a difference between –100 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius.

Weaknesses: His power is unstable. As he uses his powers they begin to weaken, giving him about twenty minutes of useful fight time.

Skills: Keen intellect, Observation skills, Leadership abilities, Tactical skills, Business Skills, Masters in Psychology, Planning skills, Masters in Chemistry, Masters in Biology, Photographic memory, Skilled Boxer, Ambidextrous

Personally: Often calm, but can be easily angered. He is always planning, seeing the world as a massive chess game. Very aggressive in battle and when dealing with people, seeking nothing less than perfection. Somewhat vindictive.

Bio: Raised as the eldest brother of three, he quickly excelled, taking over his father’s business and crushing his competition through any means (Some means being illegal). He seeks nothing less than to control everything he sees. Using hired muscle he highjacked a military convoy containing a super solider project. Using the project on himself he gained his powers. However he quickly learned of his power’s instability, and has since spent a lot of time and recourses to correct the issue, although he has yet to do so. Although he is Corona’s father he is unaware of their link, as is Corona.


Real Name: Unknown

Code Name: Barbarias

Alignment: Villain

Age: Unknown

Hair: Dark Grey, long and wild

Eyes: White (No pupils)

Skin: Dark Grey, Leathery Texture, Bony protrusions at the fists, knees, elbows shoulder and ribs

Height: 6’8

Weight: 462

Costume: Leather Jacket with a silver skull on the back (No jaws, enlarged fangs). Blue jeans, torn at the knees. Knee Length Black boots, steel chain around his waist

Powers: Barbarias gained powers through an unknown process.

Super Strength: Able to easily overpower Starfire, Cyborg, Corona and even Lord Hydra. Able to Jump long distances

Durability: Barbarias is bulletproof and can shrug off Rocket Propelled Grenades with ease.

Weaknesses: None

Skills: Experienced Street Fighter, Cunning, Leadership abilities

Personally: Aggressive, but follows his own code of honour. Loves to find the strongest opponent to challenge.

Bio: A street brawler with an unknown history, rumoured to have been in a bike gang in Gotham City. Serves as Lord Hydra’s muscle, completing jobs and keeping the personnel in line. Although an admitted thug he is by no means simple minded: he is cunning and ruthless.
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2007 10:36 pm  Reply with quote

Name: Princess Panic (Or, just plain Panic)

Real Name: Lucy Forrester

Age: approximity 6 years old

Height: 4' 5"

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown, pulled into pigtails

Powers: Expert in Pycological torture, she throughly enjoys the sound of screaming. She uses her cute exterior to lure people into her trap. She keeps her victims in her basement, chained to the walls. She also has the power to find out a person's deepest fear and use it against him or her. She is also an Empath.

Personality: Just like that of every other little girl, she enjoys Candy and playing with toys. However, her "Toys" are her victims, which she induces an extreme state of Mania in, much to her delight. At times her brand of torture has actually killed her Victims, so she must seek out new toys. She firmly belives in "Don't get mad, Get even!" which helps to explain why she never shows any outward signs of being mad. People who do upset her usually wind up Scared to death through Little Lucy's special brand of pain. She holds firm grudges against anyone who upsets her, unfortunetly for the victims, they don't know if they Have upset her until too late.

Weakness: She can't stand the sight of blood. Blood makes her cry.

Coustume: Cute little schoolgirl outfit, complete with Navy Blue knee-high socks, Mary-Janes, Navy Blue Plaid skirt, Navy Blue sweatervest and white blouse. She ties her hair up with Navy Blue ribbons.

History: The child of a Middle-aged couple, she popped out just before her Mother hit Menopause. The Forresters were so happy that they finally had a child, they spoiled her however they could. On her first day at a prestigious private school, she became angry by the fact that her teacher and classmates did not fawn over her as her parents had done. She took one boy aside, and by snacktime, he had been found lying on the floor, begging for his Mommy. The teacher Called Lucy's Parents immediatly, they were horrified to find out that their daughter had turned out to be a bully. They punished her with a time-out. She turned on her parents, and killed her father with his extreme fear of fire, and her mother just died of shock. After this, she burned the school down. When social servies came to get her, she ran away. From this experience, she concluded that the President wanted to hurt her.

Her first day on the streets, she wandered into a Gang of misfit girls who were loitering on some street corner. They told her to get out, but a firm stare into their leader's eyes sent her on the ground in convulsions. She assumed leadership of the gang and forced all the members to steal things for her, and provide her with constant admiration. She did not feel any remorse when one of her lackeys was arrested, she visisted her and made her demands clear "If you tell the President when I am, I'll make sure you never have another good dream again!".

Since then, she has set up headquarters in an abandoned house, where the "Bullies" are kept in the basement, and she lives upstairs, where her mind-slaves carry out her every order, wether it's "Get me a cookie" or "Get me that sparkly diamond that was on TV". She originally had four servants (Including the unfortunate former leader) but through her skills of Torture and terror, she now has ten. Sometimes, she'll go out of her way to find new "Toys" to play with, usually innocent bystanders. She has managed to keep a low Profile, and the police don't even know she exsists. But someday, she'll assault one mind too many, and throw herself into the limelight, when that day comes, She'll be ready.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 10:59 pm  Reply with quote

Cause I'm bored again, time for another character bio from the Blackfire Trilogy. This will contain some spoilers.

Name: AHA-001X aka 'Atalanta'
Age: Approximately two months (at time of Blackluck Angel)
Height: 5'11" Weight: 187lbs
Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde
Affiliations: Teen Titans
Alignment: Heroine
Function: Human Analog and Infiltration

Personality Profile:
With the most advanced AI technology packed into her central processor, Atalanta has the most complex personality one could ever find in an artificial being. She is highly intelligent, capable of absorbing massive quantities of information with the speed of a computer, and analyze them in abstract - a quality once reserved solely to humans.

Upon her arrival and chance meeting with the Titans, Atalanta is exactly what you would expect from a human that had just suffered from major retrograde amnesia - she is scared, confused, and rather withdrawn from others. Though her mind is almost infinitely complex, it is still very child-like in development. With a high sense of curiosity and a need for self-validation, Atalanta sought to find meaning and purpose to her existence. This drive for self-discovery, though, is coupled by fears and worries as to what she really is. After all, what purpose could she had with the equipment she has been built with? Despite being built for combat and having highly complex combat tactics programmed into her 'subconscious', Atalanta is as much for a peaceful existence as any human being.

Her relationship with Cyborg helps the young android emerge from her shell and explore the world and herself in more depth. She surprises even Cyborg with her ability to grasp complex issues and partake in philosophical conversations without regurgitating other people's remarks. Her ability to create original thoughts and ideas is a hallmark to her capabilities as an artificial intelligence.

Background Information:
Little is still known about the AHA-001X. Her frame was built by the combined efforts of Dr. Pangalos, a disgruntled Wayne Enterprise robotics expert, and Slade, who had made an alliance with the robotic militant faction, the Legion. Constructed and perfected using information gathered from Brother Blood, the Atalanta personality was constructed to be a near-perfect counter-part to Cyborg - hence how she was able to forge a relationship with him so quickly. The real AI, Athena, was set dormant and was able to resurface upon Slade's command. Once constructed and the Atalanta program was activated, Slade and the Legion simply staged an elaborate ploy to make Atalanta think she had been taken prisoner by them. Allowed to escape, she was driven to the Titans by pursuing Legionnaires where she came crashing through the bay window of the Titan's Tower for Cyborg to find.

From there, the 'damaged' Atalanta program led Cyborg on a long investigation so that he could be ambushed, kidnapped, and secretly replaced with another android without anyone, even Atalanta, knowing about it.

In the end, Atalanta discovers too late that her entire personality matrix is a facade placed overtop of the actual personality matrix inhabiting the AHA-001X. At a flick of a switch, the Atalanta program can be switched off and the real program, Athena, can resume control. In a last ditch, effort, though, Atalanta was able to hard-wire her program into the security measures once used by Athena when she was dormant. In doing so, Atalanta has managed to prevent her personality from being purged and capable of running in the background.

In the mean time, the Titans and their allies were able to overcome the Slade's plans and launched a counter-attack against him. Atalanta was forced to fight against Cyborg in a desperate battle to keep the Titan's at bay. Though forced to overcome his own emotions, Cyborg was able to best Atalanta in battle.

Cyborg thought that was the end of her...but only a little over a year later did Atalanta return, this time bearing her true identity of Athena. Athena would also reveal that the Legion consisted of six major generals, of which she was the leader of. Upgraded and more dangerous than ever, Athena plans to destroy the Titans and matter the cost.

Armament Manifest:
Forearm Unit Tri-cannon: Housed in the left forearm, the tri-cannon is a concealed, high-powered weapon analogous to Cyborg's own sonic cannon except numerous times more complex. Once the external plating of the left forearm recedes, the three barrels are able to expand and the weapon charges. One barrel is fed directly from Atalanta's waste-plasma core, igniting and dumping the fuel in a powerful jet of fire. The second barrel is connected to a thermal negator generator in the left bicep, creating a sort of 'ice beam' that freezes targets on impact. The final barrel is the sonic disruptor, which based off and improved from blueprints of Cybrog's sonic cannon.

Liquid Metal Reserve Tank: Not actually 'liquid' metal, the amorphous alloy is mixed with a complex microfibre network. These microfibres pulls the alloy along as they extend from three ports located on Atalanta's right wrist. A constant electric pulse maintains the amorphous state and once ceased, the metal solidifies into whatever form is needed, even structures as complex as a five-digit hand. Atalanta, in fact, has no right hand as such.

MIL System: Installed into each shoulder is a high-tech Missile Interceptor Laser system. The small laser emitters don't have enough output to burn a hole through even the most modest of armour plating but its speed and precision can knock out incoming missiles with ease.

Non-Lethal Attack Pod: Installed into each thigh, Atalanta can use these pods when non-lethal force is needed. Each pod contains a set of a tazer electrodes and two stun bolt (heavy, low-velocity shots).

Plasma Blade Emitter: Mounted on the left wrist, a high-powered plasma blade emitter provides excellent cutting power at close quarters. The emitter, however, is extremely fragile.

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Name: Ray

Gender: Male

Age: Same As Raven's

Powers: Telekinesis, levitation, stopping time, creating demons, and using his soul self.

Weakness: Anger or rage.

Position: Hero; Honorary Titan

Origin/Bio: When Arella was pregnant; she had discovered she was going to have twins. One was a girl and one was a boy. She named the girl Raven and the boy Ray. When they were both born (Raven is older by 5 minutes), Arella discovered if Trigon knew there was two of them, he would take one and take over the baby's soul. So, Arella gave the baby to Azar. Azar took the baby and raised it has her own. She kept its name the same and very much like Raven, Ray couldn't smile, laugh, have joy, be sad, and any other emotion. When Ray was thirteen years old, Azar pasted away. Ray was very shocked and decided to roam around Azarath looking for a home. No one would take him and when Arella found out, she was going to take him in. Ray lived there for a while but when he met Raven, he was surprised to find out that they had very similar qualities. Ray kept asking if he had a brother or a sister to Arella. Arella finally said that Raven and Ray were brother and sister. Arella told him why he had to be separated and what would happen if he wasn't. But when the War of Azarath came, Trigon's minions were searching everywhere to find his son/daughter. Ray disappeared when Trigon's minions were coming to the Temple and Raven left Azarath (she sensed that Trigon was coming). Arella and her people fought but Azarath was destroyed. When Ray went back to Azarath, he found it all destroyed. Ray was saddened and started searching for his sister. She was nowhere to be found until he came to the planet, Earth. There he reunited with his sister and they remained close after they were reunited.

Appearance: Ray’s eyes are blue; he has a charka on his head (like Trigon’s in “Nevermore”). He has spiky navy blue hair, black jumpsuit, navy blue cloak, navy blue boots, and spike wristbands; built.

Interests: Acting, drawing, watching television, reading, playing on the computer, hanging out.

*When Trigon came to Earth, when Raven's forehead had a Scath mark, it appeared on his head too but it was permanent. It soon disappeared in “Ray Pt. 3”
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All right, I don't know if I'll be doing Fan Fiction. Or, if I do, using my own characters in Fan Fiction. But if I did, this girl would be my first pick.

~ ~ ~ ~

Name: Tarot
Real Name: Airainne Aura Acharanh (ay-RAIN AW-rah eh-KAH-rawn)
Age: 15
Species: Human-Demon-Angel (Mystical Mutt)
Label: Optimistic Semi-Goth
Siblings: None/unknown

Team/Rank: Teen Titans, Honoary Titan

Appearance: Blond, straight hair with the same cut as Raven's, glasses (taken off in battle), ghostly pale blue eyes with a dark purple edge to the iris, black shirt, black belt with a red buckle over chest (the belt holds a wooden staff), silver necklace with a dragon and the signs of the zodiac, red metal snake with chains dangling from it on her right lower arm, metal band/shield combo on left wrist, black belt with red buckle holding up black pants, red metal bands around right thigh and right calf with loose chains between them (for defense and pain-causing), black boots. (Well, if that wasn't long and drawn out, I don't know what was!)

Powers: Empath, Psychic, Technopath, slight mind reader.
Personality: Optimistic, keeps secrets, easily confused, intelligent, doesn't actually feel happiness (She feels it through others. She's an empath.)

Past as the Titans know it: Tarot doesn't like to tell much about her life to the Titans. What they've managed to get out of her is that her family is either deceased or could be deceased, she may not be fully human, and she doesn't know enough about her planet to be normal. Her lack of will to tell them what happened annoys them, especially Robin.

Past as she knows it:

Airainne, daughter of two half-humans, is part-demon and part-angel. She hails from Sth'ain'rinae (theh-ayn-ryn-AY), another dimension. There was to be a war between the humans and the non-humans (angels, demons, etc.), and Airainne had to be sent away. Far away. Because children nedn't see bloodshed, and they needn't see the death of their family.
So Airainne was sent to Earth at age thirteen, where she assumed the name Tarot and tried to fit in. However, being an interdimensional mutt in a typically unmagical world is difficult. She had to learn how to speak English, and she did so through Empathy and the little amount of Mind Reading she knew. (So if she was sent to Japan, she could have learned the language easily)
She met the Titans one day as they were fighting Slade. She helped them to fight him, and for that, she got a shiny Teen Titans communicator. Feeling uncomfortable around humans (seeing as they were part of the cause that she wasn't on Sth'ain'rinae), she found it hard to open up to them.

~ ~ ~ ~

Yeah, that Appearance is confusing. I'll try to draw a picture of her later.


Decided to start posting here again, but I don't think I'll be very active. ^^;
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Since this is the place to introduce my own Teen Titan related fan characters. Okay, here I go!

Name: Plastic Boy.

Real Name: Tony (The Snake) Del Vecchio.

Age: 16

Height: 5'7"

Hair: Dark Brown

Known Relatives: None.

Superpowers: Elasticity.

Skills and Talents: Able to stretch his body up to 100 yards and the ability to mold his body into any shape.

Group Effection: Young Justice, Teen Titans

Personality: A good sense of humor and eager to face a challenge.

Bio and Origin:
Tony "The Snake" Del Vecchio was your common garden-variety street punk until one day, he broke into the school laboratory to vandalize and destroy the equipment. In Tony's mind list destructive merriment, he smashed his baseball bat on a glass vat of discarded chemicals, which splashed all over him. When the famous superhero Plastic Man tried to apprehend him, Tony to his surprise, changed into a puddle and escape in the form of a bouncing ball. And then Tony realized that he has acquired the powers of elasticity, just like Plastic Man. But when Tony was finally apprehended by plastic Man. He was placed in juvenile hall in a special vat like cell specially designed to change shape and keep them from escaping. Plastic Man paid Tony's bail. When Tony decided and vowed to use his newfound abilities for good rather than personal gain. Plastic Man became Tony's mentor and rehabilitated the boy, Tony was given a costume similar to Plastic Man's and was given the code-name Plastic Boy, Boy of Rubber!

Tell me what you think of this character.
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The first teen green lantern...

I was reading kid's game and it go me thinking about a Teen Lantern..

Especially when John Stewart was like "this is why there are no teen green lanterns."

It will be interesting to say the least. It got me thinking what if there was.

Name: Mark Williams

Codename: Kid Lantern

Race: Caucasian

Age: 16

costume: Black leather jacket with embroidered green stripes that go down the sides. Rayner's Green Lantern symbol on the right and left shoulder. Black jeans with black boots that have green laces. Instead of a mask he has black shades with green lenses.

Hair color: Dark brown that is slicked back.

Facial Hair: a light goatee

Powers: Green Lantern abilities.

When there's trouble you know what to do...Call Cyborg he can shoot a missile from his shoe..
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A New Foe...

Name: Nitro Knight

Age: Unknown at this point considering he never removes his helmet.

Height: 6'5

Weapon: A large thin bladed sword.

Costume: Purple and Black Armor..

Master martial artist/Swordsman

When there's trouble you know what to do...Call Cyborg he can shoot a missile from his shoe..
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Members of my Titans Team...

Of course Kid Lantern(Who was mentioned two posts ago)

Sun Hawk

Real Name: Unknown

Height: 6'3

Race: Native American

costume: Red kevlar pants with black boots, A red vest with a yellow hawk on the back of it. He wears a black bandana on his forehead.

Powers: He can burst into flame and shoot flames out of his eyes. The fire also gives him the ability to fly.

other members to come...

When there's trouble you know what to do...Call Cyborg he can shoot a missile from his shoe..
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Hey I'm new and id like to show u all my TTOc's!!
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Stormcat- Princess Panic's profile scared me. I like it! XD

Here's mine:

Real Name: Jenny Schimetz
Age: Same as child Raven from "The End"
1 - Telekinesis (Supernatural / Psychic Powers), can't read minds, but can prevene others from reading hers;
2 - Can copy other people's powers, abilities, stamina, traces of personality and vital force by touching them with the her hand (If you know Rogue from X-Men, you know exactly what I'm talking about), but can't copy memories. People touched by her fall into a coma for about one week or less.
Family: Robert Schimetz (Father. Murdered); Michelangelo Schimetz (Teenager brother. Murdered); Gigi (Dog. Ran away XD). Nothing is know about any other relative.
Nationality: Unknow
Appearance: See Attachment(s)
Personality: She might be young, but she's not "stupid". She met the "gray" reality of the world very early. She's very fragile when talking about feelings and emotions, and is always ashamed of crying infront of people, but she ignores it. She got somewhat "corrupied" when her family was been murdered infront of her (And her dog ran away.), by a certain mysterious slayer (*coughsladecough*), this "corruption" often makes her lose control above her telekinetic powers, turning them into more of a danger than a help. She's also pertubed by the fact of not being touched by other people because of her second power, wich makes her feel very lonely and alone. Resuming this part, her heart's hurt badly. She's also self-critic, blaming herself when something goes wrong. Her fears often paralyzes her, prevening her of doing anything but run away, but she's trying to overcome this. Before she met the Titans, she couldn't know who she could trust our not, being afraid of getting stabbed in the back again, making her getting afraid of anyone that aproached her. She also isn't very self-confident. But with the help of the Titans (Especially Cyborg), she's starting to change... for better. As Silveta as the Titans know that Slade still will try to get her, and the dangers with her powers if he manage to get her. She's also very kind, gentle, extremately sweet with her friends, she loves to help them in anything she can do. She's a little clumsy sometimes and she also has a Hero Chao plush, wich she's often seen with. And dude, you better don't mess with her friends...
History: Jenny's family isn't from Jump City, but we don't know where they came from. After they moved to Jump City, Jenny's telekinesis powers had awakened, but they were pretty small at the time. A time later at her first day at the new school, a accident ocurried and she fell on the ground, when a boy took her hand to help her to get up, her second power had awakened and, copying the boy's status and making him fall into a coma. Her first power evolved too. She was totally confused about what happened, but when the boy's friends started to blame her, she ran away while being chased by people saying that she was some kind of "radioactive monster". At home she found confort with her father, brother and dog. But this incident interessed someone (*coughsladechough*) that later would try to get Jenny. When this person (Who turned out to be Slade) striked to get her, her family tried to protect her, but they ended up getting murdered infront of Jenny (And her dog ran away). Then her only choice at the moment was to run away, but since that day Slade didn't let her alone, sending his robots or going personally to capture her on the streets, but she always managed to flee. Some people helped her, but when they found out about her powers, they stabbed her in the back, making Jenny unable to trust anyone else. In one fight with the Titans, Slade told them about Jenny and her powers and the plans he had for her, the Titans then decided they should find Jenny before Slade did. They managed to find her, and tried to convince her to go with them, Robin even offered her a place to stay and said they would help her, but her inability to trust people made her to not believe them. When they came kinda too close to Jenny, she got scared and in a runaway tentative, she and BeastBoy accidentally touched eachother, allowing her to turn into any animal just like him, while BeastBoy fell into a coma. Slade then arrives and Jenny runs away as a bird. Slade and the other 4 Titans fought. A time later the 4 Titans managed to find Jenny again. They asked her what she did to BeastBoy and she explained about her powers and said that what happened to BeastBoy was an accident and that she was sorry. Slade then arrived again, but this time Jenny wasn't able to run away 'cause there was a dead end. Slade and the Titans fought again while Jenny took shelter behing some boxes. When she saw that the Titans were trying to protect her like her family did, she noticed she could trust them and helped them fight Slade with her telekinetic powers and her new ability she got from BeastBoy. After Slade retreats, the Titans offered her a place at the T-Tower and that they would help her, but this time she knew she could believe them. Soon BeastBoy woke up from his coma and was alright. Since then she uses a different outfit: the one that she wears now. She also now wears gloves to avoid accidents like the one with BeastBoy and adopted the name of Silveta. She gets along very well with all the Titans, but hangs more with Cyborg because her power of copying doesn't work on him and also, nobody knows, but he reminds her of someone she cared about very much (*coughherbrothercough*). Also, BeastBoy loves to make her laugh and sometimes turns into a dog to play with her, after all, she always gives him attention when he pleas for; while Raven tries to read her mind to find out about her past, but Silveta uses her telekinetics powers and blocks Raven, but when she find she's ready, she'll allow Raven to see. She's usually seen hanging around on the T-Tower with a Hero Chao plush.
Weakness: She has pyrophobia (Morfic horror of fire), doesn't have much physical strength. And for being a child, she's more vulnerable than the Titans, as physically as emotionally.
Quote: "Never deprive someone from having hope... maybe he/she has only it."
Other: Sometimes, for being a little clumsy, she accidentally does something wrong (I.e.: Let something fragile fall.), wich end up enrageing the Titans. But with her babylike face, sincerity when apologizing and never have done anything wrong on purpose, nobody manages to stay mad at her (Well, maybe Raven might still get a lil' angry.). Also, sometimes she lets the Titans in familysituations like:

"I'm afraid... Can I sleep with you?" (She already asked Cyborg that, specially after watching BeastBoy's movies. XD)
"Hmm, what is [insert something here]?"
"I had a nightmare... Tell me a story?" (Again because of BeastBoy's movies and again Cyborg's the one to take care of the situation! XP)
"It's too high, I can't reach it! Can you help me?"
But compared to any other kid of her age, she's pretty independent. She's also the one that most suffers when occurs conflicts/dissensions/fights/quarrels between the Titans (Just like a daughter/youngest sister when the parents/older brothers fight.). She might not show, but she has a vengeance against Slade. Also, when she sees fire (In huge quantity. I.e.: A biulding on fire), the effect of panic and fear lasts 5 hours or more depending of the situation (5 hours after seeing fire, she's still trembling/shivering, stuttering and getting scared very easily).

"It's not in the circuitry, is it? It's not the machine that resists you... it's me! My spirit! That's the part you can't break! I don't need you to make me a man. I already am one!", Cyborg, "Teen Titans".

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Tell me wat u guys think!

Name: Jolt

Real Name: Samantha Stevens

Age: 16

Height: 5'3"

Hair: Brown

Known Relatives: None.

Superpowers: Electricitic

Skills and Talents: Ability to conduct electricity and has a vast knowledge of engineering.

Group Effection: Teen titans south.

Personality: Sensible but has an immatures sence of humor.

Bio and Origin:
When Sam was a baby her parents were killed in a skiing accident. She was sent into foster care untill she was 9 when she ran away staying in a bell town for a year until Slade found her and used her vast intelligence to create stronger minions. She was made his apprentice. Now being called "Sabour" the original titans ,now adults, fought long and hard to stop them but only when nearly killing cyborg, sam stopped her evilness and hid from slade as a normal person in gotham city. At the age of 15 she was stood on by the villian overload and then is when she gained her electricic powers she join titans south shortly after.
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Basically my effort to make the most Sue-ish character EVAR.

Story Title: starfire and raven have a sister as a result of a creepy orgy between starfire's mother, raven's father, and slade- I mean...NOT ALONE.

First Chapter Title: In the Shadoe (lol innuendo)

Name: Shadoe Sushi Dovefire Caecilia (lol Latin) Azar. But she doesn't remember her birth name, which is actually Moonlight Slade.

Gender: Female (I know it was hard to tell, what with that ambiguous name.)

Race(s): Demon, Tamaranian, Irish Human, Fairy, Godess. She was shunned from all of these peoples in turn, except for those Gods that took pity on her orgy-bitch status (you'll get there), for reasons I simply cannot fathom. However, each race has bestowed powers upon her that she uses with amazing skill and ease.

Hottness Factor: 38 on a scale of 1-10. Super sexxy, totally bitchin'. Raven and Starfire are often caught trying to put gum in her hair from sheer jealousy. If I were a guy, I'd do her in a second.

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 112 lbs. even. (lol same height and weight as me!!)

General Stature: Model-thin, but built with curves like the hull of a racing yacht. (If you get this reference, I'll be UBER impressed. And I'll also make you a shirt that says "English Geek". And I'll mail it to you, and then we'll match. No, really. You think I'm kidding? I'm not.) (ZOMGZ I WOULD KILL TO LOOK LYK THIS!)

Eyes: Liquid pools of glittering maroon. Except when she super powers up, in which case they turn gold like her hair.

Hair: Ankle-length, gold colored. Like, literally gold.

Scars: Large one on her lower hip, from being abused by Trigon, Slade, and Luand'r. Constantly. Often forced to participate in their inter-dimentional, multi-planetary orgies.

Disabilities: Missing a hand from aforementioned orgies. However, it was replaced by the Gods who love her more than everyone else with an arm of pure gold to match her hair, which gives her Final Fantasy Mage-like elemental powers in addition to the ones she already had, plus super strength.

Clothing: Mini-skirt, strappy lace-up four-inch heels, black leather bakini top.

Personality: Preppy Goth. Likes leather, whips, and chains (all those damn orgies) but talks like a total prep. Kinda lyk me!! Although most times, she's really serious. Lyk, super-Robin-serious (ZOMGZ ROBIN MARRY ME!!) Keeps to herself a lot though, because of all that orgy trauma. Sometimes cuts the inside of her nose for giggles. Never listens to anyone, because she always does everything right, and Robin gets over it because she saves everyone in the end. Boy Titans love her. Starfire and Raven like first!

Royal Lineage: Princess of Tamaran, Heir to Demonic Dimensions, Fairy Queen. But all that's a secret because her memory was erased.

History: Anonymous parents erase her memory and flee after she kills someone in their Regular Saturday Orgy Group because she's sick of forced bondage sex and the like. Lived on her own from then on, begging for scraps, until whatever rock she was left on was blown up by the dead orgy member's sister's roomate's cousin. Over time, all her parents were slaughtered and no one accepted her. All she remembers about her past, though, is the fact that she killed someone a long time ago.

Talents: Amy Lee-esque voice, plays the electric guitar.

Powers: Empathy (like Raven's powers...basically they work the same way), ICEbolts, flight, heightened senses, elemental manipulation, super strength. Over time, her magic arm also grants her the ability to heal, that cool and totally useless FLASH ability from Pokemon, and BRILLIANCE! Also, her arm shapeshifts into various knives and lances. She is the only person in the universe who can use this magic arm. Well, okay, in theory, if you sawed if off, hacked off your own arm, and put her magic arm on your bloody stump, then maybe it would work. MAYBE. Worth it? I think not.

Pets: Unicorn that she rides into battle. It likes her because of her pure heart and all that.

Accomplishments: Takes down Slade, the Citadel Leader AND Trigon...before she meets the Titans. She caught them in the middle of another clandestine orgy, you see. Of course, they all come back for her again later.

Romance: At first Shadoe is flattered by the boy attention and proceeds to screw each and every one of them. Eventually she gets bored of them and seduces both Raven AND Starfire, even though at that point, they didn't like her (after liking her to begin with) because she's stolen Robin from them. Although Raven took more time, because as well all know, Starfire is just your typical slut-faced ho-bag. Also, Raven finds a new emotion named "Slut Faced Ho Bag". Starfire finds this amusing and decides to have hot lesbian sex with it. Let's just summarize with "Everyone LOVES Shadoe" shall we?

General Plot: Shadoe is running from Slade in the first few seconds of the story. She's just royally kicked his ass, but now he's back for a vengence and also wants her as his apprentice. And then she meets the Titans and they all struggle to take Slade down, except they can't until Shadoe unleashes her all-powerful move, SHADOE, er...SHADOW ICE BEAM! Slade is blown into outer space, Team Rocket style, and the Titans eagerly ask her to join them in their crusade against evil. But what's this? She questions her goodness, because of that man she slaughtered. And eventually, Slade DOES seduce her do the dark side (m...incest) and convinces her that this is the way, because he is her father. But then she realizes her wrong whilst the Titans are trying to figure out what's controlling her and she returns gloriously, kicking Slade's ass one more time for good measure. Slade learns his lesson and becomes a Catholic Priest who kills gay men. But there's still that whole prophecy thing that Raven remembered whilst engaging in an all-out Titan orgy. HOWEVER, the Titans luckily SAVE her sorry ass...wait, what? Sorry, um...SHADOE GIVES A DRAMATIC MONOLOGUE ON HOW THERE IS ALWAYS A CHOICE AND SAVES THE TITANS FROM ULTIMATE DOOM. However she contracts hypothermia and dies (Shadoe Ice is DAMN cold sometimes) but then the Titans start missing their orgies so they all cry a bit in the sex-driven sequel and Shadoe is revived! Shadoe has babies named Tint and Moonshine, who go on to fight crime like the Charmed children.


I think I did rather well, don't you?

-Shiny Sushi Fanfictions-
-Real Life Sushi Shenanigans-

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My second TT fancharacter! ^^

Real Name: Carrie Hiromo
Age: Same as Silveta, my other fanchar (About 5-7 years)
Power: Her powers are a mix of The Mask's (The Mask) and Ghostfreak's (Ben 10) with a bit of insanity and humor of King Boom Boo's (Sonic X). She can do such things like "deform" her own body in such different ways (Always comming back to it's original shape later), turn her head 360° (!), open her own skin (!!), find out if someone has some kind of phobia just by looking at him/her, change her own voice (Ie.: Talk in a man's voice!), take shape of lots of scary things, and of course, scare anyone. Sometimes (Usually in battle), she has a second form, a fuzzy dress-like body, dark skin and shiny red eyes. When she's not using her powers in battle, she's using them for comedic/humoristic purposes or things of the kind.
Family: American mother, Japanese father
Nationality: Unsure, but American, assorted with Japanese
Appearance: See Attachment(s)
Personality: Basic: Sweet, funny, crazy, weird and nuts! XD
Non-Basic: Unlike Silveta, who has only some tomboy characters, Fearfreak's a total tomboy, having a very soft spot for video games and action and whatnot. She's also a little agitated. When she's too nervous she speaks too fast and nobody understands what she's saying. One of her passions and naturalities is scare the crud outta people. Though she has fun playing frights on others, there's no wickednessess/naughtinesses on her jokes (Except when she's playing frights on a villan). She has black hair like Robin's and red eyes. Fearfreak and Silveta are very good friends.
History: Everything started with the new that Plasmus had broke out from his prision and had gone to a calm part of Jump City. When Silveta and the Titans arrived at the place, they split out and started to patrol the place looking for Plasmus. While Silveta was patrolling near a house (Concidently Carrie's) that looked abandoned but in a good state, Silveta got mysteriously trapped inside the house by Carrie's powers (Nothing of bad, she just wanted someone to play with), wich made the Titans lose contact with Silveta. Worried about their friend, the Titans reunited and started to look for her. After taking informations with local people, they arrived where Silveta was been seen last time. When they would start to search, Plasmus appeared and they had a fast battle, that was interrupted when they got trapped inside the house too (Along with Plasmus! And it was only the beginning of the confusion!). Inside the house the reality seemed distorced (And scary) somehow, making the house very bigger (And different) inside that outside. It would be the heck of a work to find Silveta... And Plasmus. After many confusions and scary "traps" wich hadn't the purpose of hurting anyone, the Titans find Plasmus and they have another battle, wich was also interrupted when a tiny creature of dark skin, shiny red eyes and a fuzzy dress-like dress appeared and battled Plasmus. Probably it was one of the residents of the house, and it was as weird and scary as the house itself. The certain creature defeated Plasmus based on fear/fright, wich made the villan retreat. Before the Titans could have any contact with the strange creature, it disappeared in the shadows, but Raven tracked it down with her mental powers, but couldn't find the exact place. But BeastBoy (In the shape of retriever dog) could follow the creature by his scent. The track of smell led they to a room, a kid's room, a girl's one. For their surprise, Silveta was there, without any harm, actually she was very well. But she wasn't alone, there was another girl in the room, she was lying down... in the wall! She inquired that the Titans were "up the creek without a paddle". She asked them if they wanted to stay more, Robin answered that they were sorry, but they couldn't. Carrie, now in a frown, told them to follow her, since she would lead them to the exit. Instants later, a tremor was felt, Carrie could affirmate that the "Gumslug" (Plasmus) was still in the house. She said that he had to get out, since he was "messing around a lot". The Titans decided that they had to find and capture Plasmus before leaving the house, and bumped into him straight. The confusion restarts with a crazy pursuit that ended up leading them to the exit of the house. Back to reality, Plamus and the Titans started to fight again. Silveta begged Carrie to help them to defeat Plasmus. Carrie (That was still in a frown), that was at the frontdoor of her house, said that they weren't at her house anymore. Silveta insisted. Carrie said that she didn't know to fight, she only knew to scare. Seeing that she wouldn't convince her new friend, Silveta gone help the Titans alone. Carrie watched Silveta and the Titans battle Plasmus and changed her mind, she then turned into the same creature of before and helped the Titans. Plasmus was defeated by fainting of fright. When the people of the prision arrived to take Plasmus back to prision, Silveta thanked Carrie for the "scary help". In this, Carrie asked if she could go with them, since she was sick of staying in home alone and also because she got befried to them, Silveta didn't see any problem in that task. Since that day, Carrie adopted the name of "Fearfreak". In the beginning, BeastBoy got confused and called her "Ghostfreak" (Name of one of the aliens of "Ben 10"). She lives frightening/scaring everybody, or playing scary pranks or doing something with her own body (Like turn her head 360°...) Fearfreak and Silveta became very good friends. Fearfreak's usually seen hanging in the T-Tower, playing frights on others or playing video games alone or not.
Weakness: She has a sugar problem, she gets more insane (And scary) when with a too high sugar level on her blood. Oddly, the Titans don't see it as a problem, since this excessive insanity even helped them in some missions. Besides that, she has coulrophobia (Fear of clowns).
Quotes: "Wanna see something reeeaally scary?"
"Man... even I got scared in this one."
Other: She can hang in the walls and ceiling (Just like Spiderman!)

"It's not in the circuitry, is it? It's not the machine that resists you... it's me! My spirit! That's the part you can't break! I don't need you to make me a man. I already am one!", Cyborg, "Teen Titans".
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First some feedback

Silvetta and Fearfreak - Nice characters but you should stop comparing your charactes to other ones, not everyone's going to know who chars like King Boom Boo and Ghost Freak are

Jolt - Interesting, nice powers, backstory and name

Teen Lantern - A char with a lot of room for development, it's a shame he's got no backstory, how'd he get his ring, what drove him to accept it, tha tkind of thing could make him a very interesting character

Plastic Boy - Nice tie in to Plastic Man and how he redeemed himself to become a hero

Now for another Tourniquet member

Name: Arenz

Real name: Arenz

Vendetta: Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman

Alignment: Evil

Affiliations: Tourniquet, Ares, Charon

Age: Unknown, appears to be about 18

Gender: Male

Height: 6”4

Hair: Light blond

Eyes: Light blue, very cold looking

Skin: Caucasian, slightly tanned

Appearance: Wears a suit of armour similar to that of his father except it is coloured green and bronze instead of purple and blue. He carries a shield with the same colour design as his armour, a sword and also wears an Amazonian style golden amulet around his neck.

Powers: Super strength, invulnerability and enhanced agility, his shield grants him additional invulnerability as long as he is holding it and can fire blasts of lightning from his eyes, the strength of his powers depends on how much hatred or rage is being felt towards him at that moment. The Amazonian amulet also grants him immunity to any Amazon forged weapon, magic, barrier or technology.

Background: Arenz is one of the most powerful members of Tourniquet.
Little is know about his past or where he came from. He first appeared in East Kasnia working for Ares where he torched a refugee camp, intending to escalate the civil war in the country and destabilise most of Europe as well, by murdering the international relief workers there and framing the soldiers of East Kasnia for the crime, which would prompt other countries to retaliate, drawing them into the war. Unfortunately while he was destroying the refugee camp Hawk, Dove and Wonder Woman were on their way back from defeating the Annihilator. Hawk, enraged by Arenz’s actions attacked him immediately, which made Arenz’s powers even stronger and he was able to defeat him with ease, Dove the joined in and was defeated as well, but it took longer, he sensed Arenz’s power start to fade as he wasn’t feeling angry at him, just that he wanted to stop him. Wonder Woman soon figured out his weakness and held back her hatred and rage and was able to defeat Arenz with relative ease.
Afterwards Arenz was interrogated and under the effect of the lasso of truth revealed his origin. He claimed to be the son of an Amazon who was seduced by Ares, who later returned to claim him after he was born and raised him, killing his mother whose only legacy was the amulet Arenz always wore. Wonder Woman didn’t believe him and ordered him to be carted off to jail, while enroute he was able to break free, kill his guards and escape. After learning of this Wonder Woman discovered that the amulet had enabled him to resist the powers of the lasso, and left her wondering just how much Arenz had said was the truth. After escaping he made his way to America, having been disowned by Ares for his failure, intending to extract his revenge on Wonder Woman for her part in his defeat, by killing her student, Wonder Girl.
He sought out and joined forces with Charon and the two planned to attack a Waynecorp fundraiser that Wonder Girl and the Titans would be attending, drafting in Seemore and Fang to help them. When they arrived at the fundraiser they quickly cut down the security and fought their way through the Titans to get to Wonder Girl, severely hurting Robin, Raven, Speedy and Bumblebee in their rush to get to Wonder Womans sidekick. Arenz got to her first and attacked, intending to kill her and show Wonder Woman the price for crossing the son of Ares. Unfortunately for Arenz, Wonder Girl had been warned by Wonder Woman about Arenz and knew his weakness, she instructed the remaining Titans (who’d managed to take down Seemore and Fang) to hold back their emotions, not to get mad or hate Arenz for hurting their team mates, as a result his strength quickly faded and she was able to defeat him with ease, humiliating him even worse than Wonder Woman had done.
After the battle Arenz was captured after Charon had fled the scene, abandoning his supposed ally and Ares sent him a message telling him he’d disowned him forever, similar to what Hades had done with Charon. He sat in his cell at Arkham, getting madder and madder at Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, and the Teen Titans in general. Her remained there until Petrel and Shrike broke out of the Asylum, he used the opportunity to escape and was found by Crow soon afterwards, joining Tourniquet in order to extract his revenge on Wonder Girl and the rest of the Teen Titans.

Weaknesses: If his opponents hold back and don’t hate him or get mad at him, his strength gets weaker and weaker and he can be taken down by damaging him enough, like Charon he is powerful but not indestructible.

Personality: Arrogant and heartless, Arenz has made it very clear that the only reason he is part of Tourniquet is so he can get his revenge on Wonder Girl. His aggressive nature is similar to Petrels and the two have clashed and even come close to killing each other on several occasions, Arenz knows how dangerous it is for Petrel to be mad at him but as long as he is, his powers remain at full strength, regardless how held back his opponents are.

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I've got a new one!

Name: Lady Pandemic

Real name: Jessica Anderson

Eyes: green

Hair: wavy, waist-length, red

Skin: an unpleasant shade of yellow-green. Covered in sores.

Height: approximately 6'2" (she is one huge lady!)

Weight: about 165 pounds

Apperance: Wears a skimpy black dress that just barely covers her massive breasts. (We're talking D-cups here) and black sandals. Those sores of hers cover her entire body, but she makes no attempt to cover them up. (see below)

Powers: Can incubate deadly diseases in her body, can mentally re-construct old diseases to make them immune to vaccines, or give them more damaging symptoms. Once these leave her body, she can also mentally control who the diseases will effect. Prefers to give people a slow and agonizing death than just kill them right away.

Backstory: Former Miss Universe and Supermodel, Jessica was kidnapped by a group of terrorists and subjected to every biological weapon known to mankind. However, due to her latent mutant abilities, these did not kill her. She ended up killing her captors with a special strain of ebola she had created. Horrified at what she had become, she vowed that the world would either accept her as their ruler, or perish. She currently lives in the sewers under Jump city where there's plenty of filth to cultivate diseases in.

Weakness: Starfire. Due to Starfire's Alien DNA, Lady pandemic does not know what sort of things could hurt her. In fact, the rest of the team had a small sample of her blood injected into them to act as the ultimate vaccine. However, the "vaccine" exit's the system after about a week leaving the team vulnerable once again. Lady Pandemic is also weakened by most antibacterial substances.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 03, 2008 10:47 am  Reply with quote

Name: Courtney Anderson(aka 'Frost')

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Alignment: Hero

Powers: She can freeze anything, and shoot snow and iceicles from her hands...And fly.

Appearence: A light blue tank-top with a snowflake on it and a light blue mini-skirt with a little bit of a darker blue on the bottom and She has knee-length boots(light blue). She has brown hair up in a ponytail with sparkles in her hair, and light blue eyes. She is always surrounded in sparkles.

Personality: She's usually shy, but once she gets to know her teamates, she's kind and gentle. She hates Pheonix(another of my charecters), because Pheonix is always mean to her(and everyone else).

Background: Her mother died when giving birth to her, and her father was murdered when she was 3. She lived in an orphanage for 7 years, and never made any friends. When she turned 10, she ran away from the orphanage, because no one ever cared about her. Eventually, she made shelter in a bad part of her homtown. She hid from everyone who came near, afraid that they'd hurt her. One day, a bad snow storm hit her town, and she got caught in the middle of it. When the storm ended, she was unconsious for a long time. When she woke up, she saw lights and strange men watching her. She looked around and realized she was in a Hospital. Afraid, she jumped out of the hospital bed and ran out. The men chased her, and, angry and scared, she attacked them. But when she toutched one of them, he became frozen! Courtney was horrified. She wondered if somehow she had done that to him. Scared of what happened she ran as fast as she could out of the Hospital. She made shelter in a local woods, and tested touching a leaf to see if it would freeze. Sure enough, it did. Curious, she tested her abilities on everything she could find, and all of them froze. Eventually, she came out of hiding, confident she could defend herself. When she turned 15, she saw the Titans fight for the first time. And, seeing that they needed help, she froze the villain. Impressed, the Titans took her into their home, and made her a Titan(after a series of tests).

Likes: Rapid Fire(Fan Charecter I made), snow, and her new family, the Titans

Hates: Pheonix, and mice.


My dA:

BBxRae and KixAer shipper Very Happy
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I think I'll re-make Aquagirl for a fanfic I might write!

Name: Tula

Age: 15

Height: 5'2"

weight: just about 130 pounds.

Eyes: blue

Hair: brown, wavy.

Skin: slightly tanned.

Known (living) relatives: None, but when her heritage was discovered, Starfire adopted her as her "cousin".

Appearance: very child-like, round face. Big blue eyes. Nice and curvy, but extremely short (She's just barely taller than Beast Boy, emphasis on "barely) Her costume looks almost exactly like old school Aqualad's, but the speedo bottom's been replaced with a miniskirt and the red parts of the getup are now a light shade of blue, with the original blue parts being turned black, The gloves are now fingerless.

Powers: Underwater breathing, Can swim at very high speeds and as strong as Starfire (making her nearly three times as strong as her boyfriend). She also has the ability to survive in extremely harsh conditions, could probably survive in the desert. Thick skin, hard to penetrate. Seems to have the tameranian ability to learn languages through lip contact. (she was asked by Starfire to kiss a tameranian guy to teach him english, and she came out of it speaking tameranian!)

Weaknesses: Has something of a split personality, Her strength increases when she's angry so she becomes all the more dangerous. Just the tiniest little thing could set her off. When she gets mad, she's really, really scary. She's not very good at hand-to-hand combat, but given her massive strength, this is rarely a problem.

Backstory: Tula was orphaned at a young age, but she was raised by her Grandparents. They told her that her father was "strange" but never elaborated on it. She met Aqualad some years ago and they became really close. However, They lost contact after he joined the Titans, so she returned home. However, when the titans thought they had defeated the brotherhood of evil, they had actually all been captured, frozen, and mentally trapped in A simulation created in their minds by Psimon. When they thawed and realized what had happened, the brotherhood of Evil had wiped out the world with a deadly virus. However, there was one survivor of the disease, Tula. The Brotherhood of Evil captured her and experimented on her, when she was rescued by Aqualad, Jinx, and Beast Boy. She and Aqualad got together again and they worked on saving more Titans under the Brotherhood's control. When they rescued Starfire, Tula and Starfire started talking, when Tula revealed her name, Starfire recognized it as being a diminutive of a tameranian name, Tulank'l (Tula did say that she was named after her father). Tula's Tameranian heritage was later confirmed when the last few living citizens of Tameran came to earth to escape the sun-eater. It turns out, Tula's father was once a tameranian citizen who was born sick and did not have the same powers as other tameranians. He went to earth (as earthlings do not usually have superpowers, he thought he would blend right in) fell in love, got married, and had a daughter. The disease that had originally wiped out most of humankind did not affect Tameranians, so that's how Tula survived.

She never adopted a superhero name ("... It's... just Tula") because he was apparently just an "ordinary Atlantean civilian" who was lucky enough to date Aqualad. Beast Boy suggested some names for her, Gill girl (no) Waverider (no) Whale girl (*smack!*) Storm ("Hasn't that already been taken?") Tempest ("That's a guy's name!") and Dolphin (Aqualad liked this one, but Tula didn't). Jinx suggests "Aquagirl" and it sticks (though at this point, they realize they no longer have any reason to have secret identities anymore, but some people hold onto them). She is very Beautiful, but this isn't necessarily a good thing. Control Freak becomes infatuated with her, so She and Starfire team up to beat the snot out of him. Like many other Tameranians, She has a chromium allergy, though her sneezes are not nearly as destructive as Starfire's.

Personality: Normally very sweet and caring, but when she gets mad, She gets REALLY mad. Can snap between these two emotions at the drop of a hat. Also a bit of a thrill-seeker, she loves to do crazy things. wether it's "who can eat this really gross food" contests with Cyborg or hot-wiring a city bus and taking it for a joyride... through the mall. ("It's not like anyone else was using it!")

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Powers:None, he has weapons.
Weight:150 lbs.
Background:His parents always knew that thier oldest son had some mental issues, his younger brother (Lightdude) thought his brother was sane, that is until he saw Scorpio murder his parents. He always hated those who had powers, basically he was jealous of them and always wanted to kill them. He hated the Titans (especially Raven), and went to Jump City to fufill his evil deed. While he did this, his brother had followed him and interrupted his plans.

Welcome back old friend...
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This character is from my AU fanfic, Disturbing Possibilities

Common Name/Nicknames: Raven, Rae, Ravers, or Please Stop Doing That, It Hurts.

Real Name: Raven Roth

Age: 16

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 130 lb.

Species: Half-angel sorceress

Alignment: Villain/evil

Appearance: Ravers has the same physique and skin tone as Raven. Her cape conceals the slender wings on her back, the organic wheel on her navel, and the luminous eyes on her torso.

Powers: Ravers can read the surface thoughts of lesser mortals. She has an inborn ability to project rays of holy light from her eyes and can unleash a blast of smiting energy which blinds and sears evil mortals or beings with demonic blood. On top of this, she has some esoteric knowledge of holy sorcery. She can create a sacred barrier use crushed host and the blood of a preist or rabbi.
Most notable among her powers, Ravers can use ink mixed with holy water to create living drawings. Known as "Kawiians", these entities may resemble anime-style chibi humanoids, emoticons, anthropomorphic objects, anything she considers "cute" which also falls within her artistic ability. (Fortunately for the world, she's not very good at drawing). These creatures have a mild soporific agent released by contact, and while each individual one is weak and easily destroyed, repeated exposures will rapidly induce a state of helpless drugged sleep.

Personality: Ravers combines the worst elements of trend-loving hyperfeminine adolescent immaturity and supernatural evil. She methodically tries to exterminate beings she considers a threat to her, kills elderly nuns to spite her father, and seeks to increase her vast warehouse of animated entertainment.
Ravers is friendly and polite to a fault. She offers any guest, voluntary or otherwise, a rich supply of sugar-filled refreshments and video entertainment.
Fortunately for the parallel jump city, Ravers is very picky about who she teams up with. Almost all the contemporary villains are "too icky" for her tastes.

Backstory: Ravers was concieved out of forbidden love between the Metatron himself and a high priestess of the Reformed Liberal Cult of Azathoth (Delaware chapter). Her mother did her best to bring her up under principles of enlightened ichor-god pantheism, explaining that all dieties were aspects of the nuclear chaos that bubbles and blasphemes in the heart of nethermost insanity, so we should all honor different faiths and respect human life, brief and cosmically insignificant as it is.
Ravers would have none of it. She had all her father's passion for flaming swords and smiting, but none of the wisdom and restraint that comes of being in constant contact with the Supreme Authority. The rationalist dogma of the RLCA was too dull for her, and she turned to the internet community for friendship. She was around 12 when she started experimenting with her powers for personal gain, acting out the graphic and poorly-written revenge fantasies of her BFF Kitten, sending her first mishapen Mary Sues lurching out to pollute the world. At 14, she breifly acquired a cult of gullible and deluded worshippers (it's easy to get revered as a divine messenger when you have holy fire and angel wings). When they turned on and stoned her mother, she felt her first real pangs of guilt. Unfortuantely she quelled this emotion by retreating deeper into her defensive sheilds of vapidity and smiting the misguided fanatics who payed tribute to her.

Interests: Anime (esp Hamtaro, Inuyasha, and Fruit's Basket), Disney films, Lisa Frank stickers, pocky, disturbing japanese products, skin-peelingly bad yaoi fanfiction, Twilight, Hanna Montana, baking, and finding out how much Holy Light you can shine directly into somebody's stapled-open eyeball before their brain dribbles out their nose.

Weaknesses: unholy or cursed objects, demonic weapons, and darkness energy. Menstrual blood is toxic to her. Any holy symbol from a non-Abrahamic religion protects the bearer from her smiting and mind control, and it causes her pain to look directly at or touch such a symbol. She also can't resist hugging anything cute.

Quote: Here’s hoping you all have a super fun time and a super-duper painful and ironic demise. ^_^

Hot Beverage of Choice: Hot chocolate with extra marshmallows and whipped cream.
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