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True Courage (T)
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 23, 2010 8:35 pm    Reply with quote

So, I was sitting on my computer, browsing, when I came to a profile that had read a little copy-&-paste about a little girl who was abused. And killed. And it hurt my heart. D:

And after reading it, I've written a piece myself.


There was nothing special about six year old Aurora Bergman.

No, nothing -- she wore dress overalls everyday, and it was far too large for the petite girl, grazing her knees when the length should stop at her mid thigh. A white shirt beneath the denim, the sleeves far too long and falling to her fingertips. Worn out black sneakers covered her feet.

She was small. Not just thin, but short, below average height. Her skin was a pale peach, nothing new, but her cheeks were dimpled and rosy. She had small hands, feet, and nose. Her eyes were wide, and a light sky blue. Her hair was a dark chestnut, wavy and falling down to her midback, with pin straight bangs cutting across her forehead.

She looked like any other girl.

She was always quiet. Very quiet. She avoided conversation and confrontation at all costs. She played with no one. Talked to no one. She would just sit in the corner of the classroom, cross legged, tugging down at her clothes to conceal her small body. She was sweet and would share, but it took far too much effort to get her to talk to someone.

She was a no body.

So she didn't understand why Joey Poloske, the cutest, loudest, and funniest boy in the first-grade classroom would keep on trying to play tag with her.

Joey had curly, dirty blonde hair that hung in his eyes, and just below the tips of his ears. He had bright hazel eyes that always sparkled when he laughed, and dimples on either sides of his cheeks. He always wore baggy blue jeans with grass stains on the knees, and baggy polos.

"Tag, you're it!" a cheery voice shouted, two hnads shoving the small girl to the green grass. An instant pain shot up the tiny girl's body, and she moaned in pain, tears pricking her eyes.

Flashes of the past several nights' beatings sprung, unwelcomed into her mind, and no matter how hard she squeezed her eyes shut to keep the picture out of her head, it just wouldn't leave.

"Oops, sorry, 'Rora!" she flinched as a hand shot out in her face, but when it did not snap across her face, she reluctantly took it and pulled herself off of the floor. Aurora blushed lightly at his new nickname for her, wondering why he insisted on calling her that.

She slowly shook her head 'yes'.

"Do you wan'na play?" Joey asked, smiling, no, beaming, at her.

She slowly shook her head 'no'.

"Please?" he dragged out each syllable, his lip jutting out in a pout.

Hesitating, the young girl spoke softly, "Mother says it's not lady like to play tag. She says it's a sin, and I'll get punished if I play."

Joey's nose scrunched up and he replied, "Punished? Whadd'ya mean?"

Instantly, Aurora's mouth snapped shut and she realized her mistake. She slowly shook her head, voice shaking, "N-N-Nothing. Nothing."

Looking at her suspiciously, Joey finally gave up, just as the bell rang.


So, I'm probably going to split this up into three chapters, maybe.

But you can decide Aurora's fate. Will she be abused to the point of death, or will Joey end up saving her life?

"You know that feeling you get, sometimes, in a high place, with the sudden urge to jump?...I don't have it." -- Jack Sparrow
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